13 Tips For Writing A Corporate Blog

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A blog is an important communication tool on the Internet. A post or entry is the seed of communication from our blog to the world.

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Tips for writing a corporate blog

In this case we address, corporate blog, this blog can be integrated into the website of the company or be independent.

Since the blog is part of the company communication , but in a more relaxed, fun and personal way in which states: an opinion, knowledge and / or entertainment for the reader – customers and non – customers -.

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The benefits

The blog itself is not a direct sales platform, but it helps to:

  • Awaken curiosity about our interests and what we do.
  • The positioning of the brand.
  • The knowledge of the team of professionals working and / or collaborate with our company.
  • Benefits, arouse curiosity, positioning, knowledge, …
  • A post is composed of several important elements, all the enumerated and explained below.


It must be concise and express as much as possible. Its mission is to summarize the content that the reader will find also should pique your curiosity.

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Without doubt, the content of our post is most important , since nothing we better have a good headline or a prominent writer behind our corporate content, if it is of poor quality, unattractive or irrelevant to our community.

Content is the key

To make quality content, we must consider the following issues.
What are we talking about?

It is necessary to define 3 or 5 main themes, which generally are aligned with our business environment . Ask your team and customers to help you define the categories . The content of your post must be unique – not copy & paste- and interesting.
We talked in a corporate blog.

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Who do we help?

It is essential to add value to our post – but that we will read -. If you are among our objectives entertainment, we entertain our reader; if you solve a need, we provide the solution; if spread knowledge ….

we help

In short, we must enhance communication with readers with useful things.

How long?

From 300 words ( 20 lines ). The length usually varies depending on the type of post – lists, advice, opinion, … -. Everything depends on the topic you are talking and depth.

If you see that you have fallen short or arouses much interest a post, you can write a second and / or third party.


We do not know what the evolution of search engine optimization ( SEO ), but we know that the

13 Tips For Writing A Corporate Blog
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search is still important. Use the keywords and relevant you want to enhance your writing. Choosing the right words is not an arbitrary task. There is a whole ” science ” to choose the appropriate keywords. At the moment, in google you can read a little more about this matter.

How often?

The ideal frequency would be every day , but depending on our business can vary our audience and our authors.

It is recommended to start the blog post, a post daily until reaching a balance between our audience and our goals. Try to at least make 2 or 3 weekly publications.


Enrich your post citing other post articles or entries. Use own content – other post you have written anteriorment e-, or other external websites to yours. Especially when you use technical terms, it does not need to be known by the reader.

Hyperlinks and add your post


Add sound, video, images, animations, interactivity, … elements that help to reinforce the message ( but not deflect ), in addition to reading your post more attractive.


The post was created by someone, and that someone is a person – usually robots soon -. Publish the author ‘s name allows communication more personal. In addition , you can make a follow – up of its publications.

The author and revision
In contrast, hide the author under names such as admin, blogger, Miempresa. It is not transparent and mistrust – as if we were hiding something -.

Make a review

The points you should review would be:

Grammar and spelling.

Show it at least two people:

  • A person who has no idea of the topic (so you know if you understand ).
  • A person who knows the subject will help the technical review.
  • Focus Are we sharing the focus of our blog ?.


It is very common and recommended that the blog several authors participate . For this reason it is advisable to create a template – with its style guide – to structure the content.

These supports will help the authors to know how to fill the post content. In addition to homogenize the structure of the post for the blog.

As a final tip , will be to spread our post through our communication channels. To do combine one or more of the following channels:

  • social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, …).
  • RSS.
  • Newsletters (E-mail).
  • forums.

If you have any questions and want presentarmelas in private, you can use the form of contact .

  • Would you add things?
  • Do not you agree on something?

Tell your experience.

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