5 Recommendations To Return To The Company You Left

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One question that many employees have faced is: Should I go back to the company I had left? Maybe the job you are in right now was not as wonderful as you thought it would be and the years out of your previous job made you acquire certain experiences that open up a new opportunity with trusted people or just your personal circumstances have changed.

A lot has to do with how you came out in that first opportunity of the work and the image that you left before your employers. If you left after a discussion, chances are the doors are closed forever, but if it was for an opportunity to grow as a professional in a larger organization and you left all your projects in order and cutlery, chances are you can Return to the company and meet new challenges.

Before deciding to go back to your old job, consider the following five questions that you should ask yourself before the move, says Alexandra Levit in her article ” 5 Things to Consider Before You Go Back to Your Old Job ” from Lifehack.com

5 Recommendations To Return To The Company You LeftWhat led you to leave the previous job?

It is the most important question to determine the reasons for your departure. For example, if you faced your manager, can you work with that person again? If the culture of the organization was toxic, are you better prepared to cope in this situation? You must assume that nothing (or anyone) has changed before returning to your old job.

Did you leave all your bridges intact?

Make an honest balance of how you took your departure on that first occasion. Determine if you were under professional behavior. Before returning to your old job, you must be absolutely sure that there are no persistent resentments with anyone in the organization.

5 Recommendations To Return To The Company You LeftWho are you going to work with?

As a former employee, you have the advantage of knowing the operation of the organization better than any new worker, take advantage of this advantage to engage quickly and be productive from the start. It is important that you know if your new manager has a solid reputation and if team members are people you can easily collaborate with.

Librarian helping student do research in school libraryCan you start again?

When you first entered your previous job, you had to work some time to gain respect and increase levels of responsibility. Now you have gained more experience that you can apply in this new stage. No matter how desperate you are to get a job, if it’s a step back, it’s best to look for better opportunities.

Librarian helping student do research in school libraryIt will work?

If you make the decision to start a new stage in your previous job, you should reflect on what your role will be. If it is the same position you occupied, the experience you gained should improve your performance and make a real difference in the organization.

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There are many people who leave organizations because they go after the search for new goals, but sometimes those goals are not what we really expected and we have the need to return to the place where you felt appreciated and respected for your good performance, If the idea is to return To the company that you left, examines well all the options of growth that can offer you to be able to make the best decision.

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