6 Gorges Of The World That Will Impress You

Cotahuasi Canyon

These gorges are some of the most impressive in the world. We can guarantee you that knowing them will take your breath away Do you want to join us in this interesting tour?

What is a gorge?

The gorges are smaller forms of relief that are generated when a river makes its way between the rocks. In fact, when a river seeks its channel and encounters a very large obstacle, such as a mountain, it is gradually breaking through a kind of cut between the rocks.

The terms of gorge and canyon are closely related, in fact, many people use them as synonyms to refer to this type of formation. As we mentioned before, a gorge is formed when a river looks for its channel and collides with a great obstacle, cutting the rock until finally it passes. When a canyon is formed, the cut is usually much deeper and wider, since in this case the river usually sinks into a more arid and soft terrain.

What are the most impressive gorges in the world?

There is a long list of canyons that will surely impress you, but it is impossible to teach them all. That’s why we have prepared a small list with the most amazing, join us and find out what they are.

The Grand Canyon of ColoradoThe Grand Canyon of Colorado

Without doubt, the Grand Canyon of the United States is the most famous of all the gorges of the world. It is located in the state of Arizona and owes its name primarily to being crossed by the Colorado River.

This impressive canyon has a height that in some points reaches 2,700 meters and receives about 4.5 million visitors in the year.

Colca CanyonColca Canyon

The Colca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Peru and not to be missed, since the Colca Canyon is the second deepest in the world, after the Cotahuasi Canyon, with an impressive 4,150 meters.

This spectacular gorge is crossed by the Colca River at a depth of 1,200 meters. The extensive vegetation makes this place one of the most beautiful, not in vain is the favorite of many photographers in the world, and you, would you like to meet?

Cotahuasi CanyonCotahuasi Canyon

The Cotahuasi canyon is also known as “the Canyon of Marvels” and is located in the prestigious list of the deepest canyons in the world with an impressive 3,535 meters.

It is located in the south of Peru and is crossed by one of the tributaries of the Ocoña River, which forms part of the slope that ends in the Pacific Ocean. The ideal time to know this magnificent canyon is between the months of May to November, when the rains are scarce and the days are quite sunny but fresh at the same time.

Sumidero CanyonThe most amazing canyons

Sumidero Canyon

This canyon located in Chiapas, Mexico, has a height of 1,000 meters and is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes this country has to offer. This gorge, besides imposing, is one of the most important natural sites of Mexico, since it has a great wealth as far as fauna and vegetation is concerned.

Itaimbezinho CanyonItaimbezinho Canyon

In Brazil we can find this wonderful canyon, possessor of an exuberant beauty, not in vain is among the favorites of many tourists both local and foreign.

It is more than 700 meters deep. For its beauty, lush vegetation and spectacular waterfalls, the canyon of Itaimbezinho cannot miss on your next visit to the South American country.

Chicamocha CanyonChicamocha Canyon

Located in the Colombian department of Santander, Chicamocha Canyon is one of the main tourist attractions of the country. This impressive gorge is more than 2,000 meters deep and about 227 kilometers long. In addition, its thick vegetation make of this place one of the most beautiful landscapes of the region.

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These defiles are the true reflection of what nature can do. Knowing these imposing landscapes is one of the most overwhelming experiences that a human being can have. And to you, which of these six guns would you like to meet first?

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