6 Suggestions To Be Hired By The Ideal Company

6 Suggestions To Be Hired By The Ideal Company

There are organizations that are preferred by some professionals. These are companies in which everyone wants to work because they are the ones that offer the best opportunities. In that sense, if you have a company in mind, you should follow up on your actions, even before applying for a job. For example, depending on the size of the company you can follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or sign up for their newsletter and when they do recruitment campaigns, they may already recognize your name. Investigating companies is a good way to learn about the organization, that knowledge can help you at the time of the interview and make a good impression with the recruiter.

Knowing the company thoroughly will allow you to speak with real interest and enthusiasm. Understanding your values, culture and working environment will allow you to have a convincing opinion before questions like: What do you know about the company? o What do you see yourself doing within the first 30 days at work ?, says Alison Doyle in her article ” Tips for Getting Hired by Your Dream Company “, from The Balance portal. For that reason, Doyle offers some tips to keep track of your dream company:

6 Suggestions To Be Hired By The Ideal Company1.- Follow the company on social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. There are various means of social communication and it is very likely that companies probably have accounts in at least some of them. Connect to all and pay attention to your updates. You will undoubtedly find more information on how to use social media in your job search.

2.- Connect with the company on LinkedIn: Follow the company on this portal and see the type of professionals with whom you are connected and with whom you can connect. Check the company’s LinkedIn page for information on the latest job offers.

6 Suggestions To Be Hired By The Ideal Company3.- Look for notices related to stages of hiring: Some companies have individual accounts for contracting purposes where you can observe a large number of direct users asking about the opportunities, and get direct answers. Twitter can be a good way to get in touch with the Human Resources department of a company.

6 Suggestions To Be Hired By The Ideal Company4.- Keep a professional image in the networks: If you are going to interact with a company, via social networks, it is necessary that your account has a very professional image. Check your profiles to make sure there is nothing inappropriate or improper. Check your privacy options so you know who can see your content.

6 Suggestions To Be Hired By The Ideal Company5.- Mark as favorites the page of job offers: Most companies have a section called “Work with us” in their web portals, reserved only to post job offers.

6.- Do not be afraid to get to the company: If you have any questions, such as knowing if a vacancy has already been filled or when they will open a hiring campaign, do not be afraid to get the data and get in touch with the company. It is important that you do it in an educated and respectful way by means of an email or a phone call. Not only will you become familiar with the Human Resources staff, but it will be a good example of enthusiasm and interest.

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