7 Most Amazing Cafes In The World

Hawelka Cafe (Vienna)

No matter the city where we are, whether we are on vacation, business trip or our place of residence. Finding different cafes to drink a coffee is one of the most popular traditions of the 5 continents. There are places where you cannot stop going and order a rich coffee. Would you like to know which ones? In this article we show you the 7 most amazing cafes in the world.

Cafes with thousands of stories

Drinking a coffee can be some of the most normal thing in the world but going to a coffee shop might have another magic: for a date, a meeting with friends, a business meeting or to be alone for a few minutes. And why not to say “I’ve been there”? In the 7 most amazing cafes in the world, of course:

Les Deux Moulins (Paris)1. Les Deux Moulins (Paris)

It became known after appearing in the movie Amélie (there worked the protagonist). Since then the Café de los Dos Molinos, in the French capital, receives thousands of visits every week. Meeting point not only the fans of the film, but also those looking for a beautiful place for a coffee or beer in the heart of Montmartre.

Café Europa (Prague)2. Café Europa (Prague)

The capital of Czech Republic has much to offer tourists, including a coffee shop founded in 1906 on Wenceslas Square. The interior is simply dazzling and sitting at an outside table an unforgettable experience. While you enjoy your drink you will see a historic boulevard, old buildings and flower beds in spring.

It will make you travel back in time to the glorious time of luxury hotels. Both counters, mirrors and lamps are original. What today a bar is before was the hotel reception.

Café New York (Budapest)3. Café New York (Budapest)

Many of those who have been there indicate that this is one of the most beautiful cafes in the world. Located in the capital of Hungary and founded at the end of the 19th century, it is synonymous with luxury and splendor. It could be said that you are in a palace and not in a cafe. It is part of the Boscolo Hotel and is one of the must-sees in this city.

Hawelka Cafe (Vienna)4. Hawelka Cafe (Vienna)

This cafeteria located in the 1st district of the Austrian capital opened in 1939 at the same site where the J’te aimé-Bar had operated in 1906, but had to close down by World War II. It opened again in 1945 and since then is a meeting place for the Viennese and an important point on a guided tour of the city.

The founders, Leopold and Josefine Hawelka provided modernity to the Dorotheergasse street building as they had an espresso machine. Its era of greater splendor was in the 50 where it was visited by artists, musicians and writers.

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Not only can you drink a delicious coffee in this place but also the specialty of the house: jam-filled buns covered with sugar, recipe of Josefine (who prepared them for 60 years). The facade of the cafe is typical of the early twentieth century, the tables are round marble and Thonet chairs.

 Café Tortoni (Buenos Aires)5. Café Tortoni (Buenos Aires)

Its date of foundation is 1858 and is the oldest of its kind in the Argentine capital. Classical in style and glass ceiling, it was frequented by renowned artists such as Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar or Carlos Gardel (there is a table that bears the name of the tango singer).

In the lower floor you can enjoy jazz and tangos shows. Besides coffee, nobody can leave the Tortoni without asking for a hot chocolate with churros.

Quadri (Venice)6. Quadri (Venice)

The first to offer Turkish coffee outside their country of origin. Another important milestone of this place is that it was frequented by the composer Richard Wagner who used to go to the café Florian but stopped when Verdi chose it as an inspiration.

Quadri is a beautiful cafe from which to see Venice at its best. During the summer there are concerts of classical music outdoors. It was opened in 1775 and in 1830 was restored.

Café Iruña (Pamplona)7. Café Iruña (Pamplona)

The international fame of this cafe is due to Ernest Hemingway being a regular customer of his tables. The establishment is located in the Castle Square and was founded in 1888. In a short time it became an important meeting center for the locals.

In its interior we find a very quiet hall with a corner dedicated to the writer (with a bronze statue included).

Of course there are dozens of more cafes that are worth knowing on a visit to the major cities of the world. Other imperatives to finish: Café Imperial (Prague), Els Quatre Gats (Barcelona), Café Einstein (Berlin), Caffé Gambrinus (Naples) and Maison Bertaux (London).

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