Apartment For The Large Family

Apartment For Large Family

A large family could number about ten people – there were also apartments corresponding. After the end of the Soviet period, trends have changed. Now parents with young children live separately. Grandparents also have a separate living space, not to mention their uncles and aunts. Accordingly, modern apartments today are mostly small.

It is not so easy for large families to purchase good apartments in the center, because a five-room apartment may be more expensive than a two-hundred-meter apartment on the outskirts.

Nevertheless, the practice of living a large family under one roof is very interesting. The value of one very large apartment exceeds the value of four or five separate small (although the same can not be said about liquidity). It turns into a real family home, which is passed on from generation to generation, preserved and developed. And the question arises: how can comfortably accommodate a large family in it?

The main problem of housing for a large family

When a lot of people live in one apartment, it is tempting to turn all rooms into bedrooms. On the one hand, each family member really needs a personal space. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that the composition of the family can change: there will be children, grandchildren and they will also need to live somewhere.

On the other hand, modern people may not like a bedroom less than 17 square meters. and miniature kitchens. They are even ready to abandon the living room, if only there were enough beds. Then the apartment turns into a hostel, and this is unacceptable.

Apartment For Large Family
For example, do not be afraid to use furniture panels correctly

If the area is correctly planned, then such an error can be avoided. Then even a large family will live there comfortably. But for this, you have to get rid of some prejudices.

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The smaller the room, the better

The first thing to do is to abandon the huge bedrooms. Yes, each has its own room, but not always great. Especially it concerns children’s, for which 5 square meters are enough. Under the bedroom of adults, it does not make sense to allocate more than 8-9 square meters. M.

It is not necessary to settle all children (especially of different ages) in one large room. It is better to divide it into several small ones and provide each with its own place for study and reflection. As you grow older, the need for this increases. In the general room, the child will feel constrained, and this does not have the best effect on the psyche.

In modern conditions of life, both children and adults spend little time in their rooms. In the afternoon they study, work, meet with friends, and in the evening they all gather together in a common area (dining room or living room). The total walking time spent in a private room, as a rule, does not exceed 2-3 hours.

It is good to buy apartments in former profitable houses, where the windows always face two sides: narrow ones – into the yard, wide ones – to the street. Behind the first, they usually hid office space: a servant’s room, a kitchen, a service bathroom, a cleaning.

It is in these small rooms, which still have windows, it is possible to place children’s bedrooms for grandparents, as well as guest rooms. If the apartment has few windows, then for these purposes you can select rooms without natural light. The main thing is not to designate them on a technical level as residential.Apartment For Large Family

What to do with extra rooms?

Apartment for a large family is purchased for many decades, so it is not surprising that the composition of the residents will change periodically. Elderly parents, going on pension, decide to move to the dacha, the grown-up children will go to study. Some rooms will be empty. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to provide premises in advance, the purpose of which will change.

The smallest rooms are preferably reserved for the bedrooms, which will always be used.

Some rooms are better not to be isolated from each other. It is better to connect with conventional doors, wide openings, an enfilade.

For example, the released child can be turned into a dining room (if the kitchen is nearby), in the study or library. And if it was initially small and attached to the parent, it could well be transformed into a dressing room.

The presence of a passage from one room to another is always convenient, so you should not abandon it. If at the moment the door is not needed, you cannot use it and hide behind a cabinet or fridge. When there is a need to release the opening, you will only need to move the furniture.

How not to turn a family home into a hostel

A real apartment for a large family and friendly from the hostel is distinguished by the presence of a zone where everyone will get together. The situation needs to be thought through, creating conditions for communication.

By area, it should be quite large – about 40 square meters. m. If the square meter is less than 30, then more than 6-8 people will not be able to accommodate comfortably.

In the presence of a bay window, it is not necessary to erect an additional wall for dividing the room into two parts. If you need a work area, it is better to isolate it with a mobile partition or curtain.

In any case, do not force the room, it is better to maintain a sense of spaciousness and freedom. Avoid overloading space will help furniture of medium size on high graceful legs.

The room can only be a salon or additionally serve as a dining room. In the latter case, around the table is to place small soft chairs.

Planting all in a row on a long sofa, on the other end of which a person can feel isolated, highly undesirable. Furniture should suffice at all, thus it is necessary to break it into two or three functional zones. It is better to let the seats be smaller in the area but in sufficient quantity.

Around the table, you can place a few small sofas, canapes, elongated sunbeds (sunbeds). Do not forget about the small chairs. Additional groups of furniture will be useful near the window and near the bookcases.

Apartment For Large Family
In a small bedroom, you can find everything you need for a comfortable stay

Optimization of office space

A large apartment, contrary to popular belief, does not require an infinite number of bathrooms and dressing rooms. In the first case, two rooms are sufficient. In the first bathroom let there be a small bath not more than 170 cm in length, and in the other – a shower cabin 90 x 90 cm.

As for the dressing rooms, it is better to single out one large for all members than to design a lot of small ones, depriving the corridor of useful space. Equating their number to the number of bedrooms is not exactly necessary: it is fraught with chaos in the house.

A huge kitchen is also not required. The room area of 6 square meters. m it is quite possible to place not only a cooking zone but also a cleaning, laundry, and storage area for a variety of accessories (mops, detergents, etc.).

Combine washing, ironing and cooking zones is permissible, this significantly saves space. Especially it is convenient if the bathroom is located nearby.

The main thing is to take into account that you may need extra space, for example, for the layout of the ironing board.

What errors it is better not to allow

Having a large living space, but small rooms, it’s easy to make mistakes in planning. But if you avoid them, you get a spacious and cozy apartment for a large family.

First of all, do not overload the bedroom, especially oversized. Feel free to place the bed, not across the room, but along. Save and on the width of the mattress: there is no need to buy a product with a width of 140 cm when you can do 90 cm (for single beds). Cumbersome cabinet furniture is better to prefer compact lockers 50 x 45 cm, narrow chest of drawers, shelving and miniature tables.

In the kitchen of irregular shape, it is not recommended to leave small corners unoccupied. There you can always place a narrow – 40-45 cm – countertop for cooking. The larger one, under which the dishwasher rises, can be installed in a wide area.

In fact, even in a large kitchen countertop width of 50-60 cm is not needed. All the same in the work its entire area is not used.

A small room should be used rationally. It is undesirable to overdo with built-in cabinets and similar storage systems.

Finally, a room with a bay window cannot be divided into three parts. This will be a disrespect to the original idea of the architect. Similar concerns the device of the second floor in apartments with ceilings less than four meters in height.

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The main thing is to think over the planning taking into account possible changes and comfortable placement of all members of the family. Do not be afraid of non-standard solutions.

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