Avoid Contracting a Disease from Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Austin mosquito control is essential at residential and commercial properties to get rid of the flying insects that might carry a transmittable disease. Mosquitoes can transmit a variety of diseases that can cause serious health complications for adults or fetuses. Some of the diseases that you want to avoid include:

• Malaria
• Zika virus
• Western equine encephalitis
• Yellow fever
• West Nile virus

It is a good idea to protect your exposed skin from mosquito bites while you are outside your home by wearing long-sleeve shirts and slacks rather than shorts or tank tops. You can also apply insect repellent sprays, or you can wash with specialized soap. Mosquitoes are attracted to a human’s strong body order, so it is essential to remain clean while outside.

Get Rid of the Mosquito Breeding Grounds

If you don’t want to cover your body in hot weather or apply mosquito repellent frequently, then you can control the biting insects by eliminating the breeding grounds. Mosquitoes breed on standing water, so you must keep your home’s swimming pool clean. Make sure to clean the debris from your home’s rooftop and rain gutters to prevent a collection of rainwater where mosquitoes will breed. In addition, talk to your neighbors about getting rid of old flowerpots that will hold stagnant water.

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes Are Aggressive

The Asian tiger mosquito is one of the most dangerous species because it is known for being a vector for several diseases, but eliminating this insect with amateur methods isn’t easy. This species of mosquito is also aggressive, leading to numerous itchy bites that are painful. Fortunately, there are experts who understand how to apply the best chemicals on a lawn to eliminate the Asian tiger mosquito along with other species. Not only can effective Austin mosquito control prevent illnesses, but also, it can make it easier to enjoy your home’s lawns without worrying about annoying insect bites.

Call Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin Today

During the 1980s, the Asian tiger mosquitoes arrived in Texas, making homeowners more concerned about their health while outside. Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin understands how to apply mists to your home’s lawns to control the Asian tiger mosquitoes. This species is able to breed rapidly, leading to numerous aggressive mosquitoes that will attack at anytime of the day or night. While many mosquito species die-off when the temperature drops in the winter, Asian tiger mosquitoes hibernate in warm secluded areas until the weather is warmer. Contact Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin today to have your home’s lawns misted with safe chemicals that are designed for controlling several types of insects.

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