Casio Clock Yes Or No?

First were the Converse All Star shoes, those shoes we all wore in summer and we hated in silence because they really were not the prettiest in the world; Then came the turn to the Victory , who were again fully current “tuneadas” by the most alternative; Puma a brand he saw years ago as his golden days were over and now sell bags for 60 dollars and, of course, Ray Ban , I do not remember the times I laughed at my parents’ glasses and the shame I had when I asked for their Wayfarer And Aviator …

The past is fashionable and one of the last (and most surprising) cases are the Casio watches … Did anyone like that when we were 15? A black digital plastic watch? I confess that not me!

Look you were a few years later I’m thinking if I buy it or not I buy it … Yes, not the black if not the gold! It has been making me funny for a while and now that I am determined to buy it I am surprised by its price … 35 dollars!!! My father tells me not to pay more than 12!!!

The truth is that the Casio gold and silver watch is becoming a must complement among the most fashionist … Whatever you wear, the Casio hits with everything ! Miroslava has one … and I want another !!! Of course, the simple one, the model A168WG. The one who has a calculator for the moment does not seduce me …

Golden casio watch

And you who think … Do you like or prefer to spend ?, Casio clock yes or no ?, silver or gold? …

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