Diet for constipation

Diet for constipation

Almost all people suffer from constipation sporadically at some time in their lives. The diet for constipation is intended for those who have difficulty going to the bathroom, in some cases they go every 2-3 days, in others the consistency of the stool is quite hard and makes it difficult to evacuate.

Keep in mind that not everyone goes to the bathroom with the same frequency, as normal is to go three times a day as a day if and one does not, therefore normality is broad.

The constipation and s an indicator of your immune function and your degree of intoxication. You must increase the consumption of water, of integral foods and rich in fiber to be able to regulate the intestinal transit.

To combat constipation you must follow a diet rich in fiber.  Take flax seeds.

Diet for constipation Who needs a diet for constipation?

Constipation affects more certain population groups, especially children, women and the elderly.


The consumption of sweets and sugars hidden favors the retention of feces. Sometimes a diet low in fiber is added because of the reluctance of children to eat fruits, vegetables and legumes.


For every constipated man there are 3 women, the female sex hormones (estrogens) favor this predisposition to constipation. Constipation is also common during pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. A diet for preventive constipation, is useful to prevent hemorrhoids, fissures and discomfort when defecating.

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One third of Spaniards older than 65 years suffer from constipation. The most common causes are poor physical mobility, a diet low in fiber, low water consumption and taking some medication that causes constipation with side effects.

Causes of constipation

Bad eating habits

Drinking little liquid

Delay the time to evacuate. You should go to the bathroom when the stimulus appears.

Fresh ripe organic fruits in the garden. Balanced diet.Lack of physical exercise


The change of food that occurs in travel, this can be added that there are certain people who need a concrete environment to defecate.

Drugs: morphine, codeine, anxiolytics, antidepressants, antihypertensives, calcium and iron supplements, diuretics, etc.

Diet to improve constipation

Get up with enough time to have a quiet breakfast and try to go to the bathroom always at the same time and without rushing.

Increase water consumption outside meals. At least 1.5-2 liters every day. Soups, smoothies, infusions will also help you.

Increase the intake of vitamin C in the form of citrus fruits and kiwi in breakfast and fiber (fresh fruit with skin, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, legumes …). When you eat fruit do not remove the skin because that is where the greatest amount of fiber is concentrated.

Establish a fixed schedule of 5-6 meals, taking into account:

  • In all meals there must be: protein, fat and carbohydrates.
  • Three main meals and two / three snacks.
  • Eat slowly and chew well.
  • Do not let more than an hour pass, since you get up without breakfast.
  • Do not let more than 4-5 hours pass between meals.
  • If you spend more than 3 hours from dinner at bedtime, you should take a snack (mid-morning or afternoon snack).
  • Include more foods with fiber in your diet to improve intestinal transit.
  • Diet for constipation. Foods rich in fiber.
  • Take a glass of warm water with 2-3 drops of lemon before breakfast, as it predisposes to bowel emptying and stimulates the gallbladder. It is also a great help to restore the acid base balance. The Western diet is very acidifying, and often causes tiredness, paleness, headache, emotional highs and lows, muscle contractions, tooth decay, hair loss and brittle nails. The lemon citric acid diluted, generates a citrate buffer alkalizing character.
  • Make a depurative cure for 15 days by drinking a cup of this depurative broth in your diet for constipation every night.
  • Do not mix starches in the same food: bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, banana, corn, beet, pumpkin.
  • Take extra virgin olive oil in your meals.
  • The preparation of the food will be grilled, cooked, steamed, baked … Avoid culinary preparations that incorporate a lot of fat: fried, stews, breaded, stews, etc.
  • You can season the food (lemon, vinegar, spices, pepper …) to flavor the dishes.
  • Moderates the amount of salt. In case of fluid retention, “salt without sodium” is recommended.
  • The Coca-cola, coffee, tea mate and are non – caloric, but are potent stimulators of insulin, constipation, inflammation and body fat storage. Reduce your consumption and if you take them, make it at breakfast along with other foods with fiber. The rest of the day takes them decaffeinated.
  • Try to reduce the level of stress because it causes the same physiological response as caffeine. It is advisable to practice relaxation or yoga techniques.
  • Practice moderate exercise at least 20 minutes of walking per day.

Diet for constipationTips to avoid constipation

Ileocecal valve.  Diet for constipation

-Go to the bathroom every day at the same time.

-Day massages in a circle in the belly to activate intestinal peristalsis.

MASAGE ILEOCECAL VALVE: it communicates the small intestine with the large intestine; it often gets stuck and stays open or closed generating intestinal pain. Right hand: thumb navel and little finger on the iliac crest, where the three fingers fall towards the middle is the ileocecal valve. With the three fingers massage 10 times towards the left shoulder.

-It is very important to repopulate the microbiota (intestinal flora), because the bacteria or probiotics that compose it transform the carbohydrates soluble in short-chain fatty acids that stimulate the function of the epithelial cells of the intestine (enterocytes).

Diet for constipation:  Foods with higher content in probiotics

For this it is advisable to increase the consumption of prebiotic foods, which favor the function of probiotics: asparagus, spinach, beetroot, goat cheese, grated apple, onion and first cold pressed olive oil.

Diet for constipation:  Foods with higher content in prebiotics

Following these tips will bring much better constipation, but if you need a  diet for personalized constipation  in Diet Coherent we are here to help.

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