Do you have to convince a customer to sell a product or service?

Do you have to convince a customer to sell a product or service?

Why do you think you have to convince a customer to sell a product or service? Is this how you would like to be treated? If you are interested in sales results, then do not focus on the results, but be attentive in the process that brings the results.

I have no doubt that I cannot convince someone against their will. But I can take him to see a new point of view in his imagination and thus make him aware of his own interests, according to himself and not according to me.

So if I know a simple and effective way to understand clients, people, would you like me to speak to you in a familiar language, without any commitment on your part and without any promise from me?

Do you have to convince a customer to sell a product or service?The only motivation that exists is yours

You have not been convinced of what I write? So I managed not to convince him and leave him the complete freedom to choose between reading or not.

And if you do not want to read my article, why force you to do it against your will?

And it is not my words that motivate you to read my article, or the benefits you can get by reading, but your intent, your truth in the moment.

Therefore, one cannot convince a person against his intention, his will. Observe yourself and discover its truth, and not only believe what others have said or taught.

The feeling is the hidden motivation, its truth that drives your imagination

What matters to me is what you want according to you and not what you want according to me! And what you want according to you, is not to be free, to be well, to be in peace? These states of being are feelings that you have at present, it is your truth.

For example, I go into a Honda dealership and the salesman thinks my motivation is buying a Honda car. This is the first mistake of the seller, because I am not motivated by a Honda car, but by a feeling in me now as well as by my future imagination.

Find my feelings and my desire in the imagination and then we will have a pleasant conversation in our relationship. But can you see it if you have never paid attention to yourself, your own feelings and imagination?

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Are you more focused on your sales techniques, your training, the characteristics of your products, your competitors? All this does not interest customers much. Are you aware? And those who have given sales courses are they?

Do you have to convince a customer to sell a product or service?True information is not in a formation, but is available in you

Just look at yourself in a situation that has lived and that is similar to that of your client and you will discover for yourself what is true for you. And what is true for you is probably what is true for another.

And if you have never experienced that kind of situation then you can ask someone who has experienced it personally, understanding that this is not your truth because the other person is not you.

But you have been conditioned to believe in people born before you, that they also have not become aware of ever being observed in such a situation. Then you will imitate them and believe that you are right instead of seeing what is true. This is an indication of someone who has no confidence in him … and who takes for granted what others say.

Do you have to convince a customer to sell a product or service?Who made you believe you need to convince a client?

There are thousands of ways to convince a client and this popular belief has brought much knowledge on the subject. All this knowledge has produced experts in the field of sales to better sell a product or service.

Have these experts lived themselves, have they consciously observed their feelings and their imagination? Or, have they reacted unconsciously without being in action in a situation where they were customers? Did they take their information from other people instead of living their own experiences in order to discover what is true?

All these specialists are competing with each other to prove that their knowledge of how to convince a customer are the best for you and your company in order to develop a larger turnover or a wider market.

Do all these experts have experienced their skills in front of a real client to see if it works? They invent things, but do not validate them in their own experience. They force sellers to do what they ask, but why do not they? Are they afraid to make mistakes?

Unfortunately, this is my truth. They are afraid of making mistakes and so do not evolve in consciousness and make new decisions when things have not worked out.

Some salespeople will say that that does not work, but they refuse to believe it because they are convinced that they are right.


But if you observe, without judgment, you will see that all these people are convinced of one thing; Either to believe that they can sell a person against their will or to change their will.

That is what does not work in a relationship with a client or any human being. Try to sell me something against my will and you will see some natural rage on my part in order to stop the abuse immediately, your disrespect and your lack of intelligence in the relationship.

Do you have to convince a customer to sell a product or service?When we are not convinced, then we try to convince

All marketers and sales trainers believe that they know customers, people, but never intend to get to know themselves. That’s why they feel they have to convince a person. They believe that there is a perfect technique to sell or at least one technique that brings the best sales results.

They place importance only on competitors, on fear, on the characteristics of the product or service, and on rare occasions, on the benefits that the customer could obtain.

Therefore, they forget about the essentials in the sales process, the basic element, the absolute basis before communicating with a customer. They are not aware of what they are in relation to a customer and therefore do not know what customers are at the same time.

What matters is not getting along, being aware of the feelings, being attentive and not being focused on the sale and techniques learned?

Do you like someone to force you, try to convince you to do something out of fear and guilt? Is money more important than you?

Understand well with a client, is to intend to understand their feelings and desires first

When we are convinced, then we seek to create a well-being in the relationship with the client

If you are aware of yourself, if you are aware of certain aspects of your human nature, then convincing someone is not necessary and is even a lack of respect, a lack of love and a lack of courtesy towards the other person.

People with a more advanced consciousness know this very well.

What matters is not to sell someone, but to take him to buy something according to his will. Anything that goes against that is synonymous with a lack of awareness of oneself and the other person, which produces divisions in a relationship.

You must be convinced of the product and benefits to customers and be convinced that they are understood in a relationship. When so, then you do not have to convince a customer and then produce sales easily, efficiently, and effortlessly.

But if you are not convinced to meet and know your products or services, then by unconscious habit learned, you are going to try to convince a client and away from you.

You cannot understand someone in advance with selling techniques, since each relationship is new and different. Approaching a relationship with a client having ideas in the mind to sell or ideas about him is the mark of a person who gives importance to the knowledge learned in words and not in the human being.

It is the questions that determine the interests of the customer and the seller

Almost all marketers believe that the answers to the needs of the customer is what allows them to satisfy them. But they do not even know what the truth is, the customer’s feeling at that moment.

In fact, they do not respond to customer questions, they talk to try to convince a customer that they have not even asked a single question to show a little interest.

Go to a store having in your consciousness observe a vendor and you will see this point of view for yourself.

But before establishing a relationship, the seller must know the customer’s truth why he is in his trade.

I have often asked a question like this and it works perfectly: Are you here to get more information or just to see quietly without being bothered?

In many cases, the client told me he was there to see and then I left him alone, telling him that I was available if I wanted information.

That is all. And I forgot to satisfy his feeling of being alone. When the client wanted information, he would unknowingly come to see me because I had created a feeling of well-being for freedom of choice and his tranquility since his arrival.

Would not you like to be treated this way?

The customer has to come to the seller and not the other way around

They are the questions, consciously said and not by belief or custom that establish a true relationship with a client and indicate an interest. When you are interested in something, then ask questions naturally. Observe and see if this is true.

When the customer asks the seller questions, it is that he has some interest, intention. Your products and services may be the solution, the means to achieve that interest.

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When the salesperson asks a customer questions, he or she has an interest in understanding the customer.

Therefore, the seller should be interested in asking questions to a customer in order for him to ask questions … Do you see my point of view.

I cannot tell you my own questions here, because what counts is finding in yourself your unique answers. Imitation is not what works for you. Create your questions for your experiences and you will be proud of yourself and unique.

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