Easy and Effective Ways To Eliminate Musty Smells From Your AC System

Easy and Effective Ways To Eliminate Musty Smells From Your AC System

Is there a strange smell coming from your AC? Don’t worry – a lot of people experience the same issue from time to time. Luckily, there really isn’t anything to worry about. What you do have to worry about is actually finding the source of the musty smell because that is the only real way to get rid of the odor.

Once you find the source, you can take measures to make sure it is eliminated and that the odor never comes back or you can contact a professional team like Alek HVAC . In most cases, the issue has to do with moisture, but there could be something else going on as well. Here are some easy and effective ways to eliminate musty smells from your AC system.”

Easy and Effective Ways To Eliminate Musty Smells From Your AC System
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Replace the filter. Replacing the filter in your AC is incredibly important because a clean filter will allow your system to work much more efficiently. If your current filter is dirty or covered with debris, your system may be fighting to provide fresh air to your home. As a result, a foul smell may be emanating from your AC. Simply swap out the old filter for a new one and you should be able to notice a huge difference.

  1. Clean the ductwork. If you opted for one of those super advanced programmable thermostats, you may be able to smell a difference between the time that your AC automatically turns off and when it turns on. If the air smells musty when the AC is programmed to blast cool air, you could have an issue with dirty ductwork. If this is the case, you want to hire a professional ductwork cleaner to suck out all the dirt and debris that may be causing the foul odor.
  2. Look for any major obstructions. Sometimes, air conditioning systems can wind up with obstructions. These obstructions can not only cause foul odors, but they can also cause your entire system to work less efficiently. This is why you want to find any obstructions your AC system may have. For instance, your fan unit may have a branch or too many leaves that are causing the system to work on overdrive. Simply turn off the system and remove the obstructions and the smell should subside.
  3. Seal leaks. Leaks are a common source of foul odors. If you have a leak in your ductwork, you want to seal it right away. Leaks can cause strange smells, but they can also cause your air conditioning system to emit uneven temperatures. You can usually find these leaks by opening a vent gate or register. When you find the leak, you can then patch it up.
  4. Make sure your condenser coils are clean. Are your condenser coils clean? Can you remember the last time you cleaned them? If you can’t answer that question, there is a good chance that your dirty coils are what is causing the foul odor. You can usually clean these condenser coils yourself, but you may want to read the user manual before you do – you certainly don’t want to damage your AC system.

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