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The Emerald

Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings? The choice of the engagement ring is often a real headache. With sapphires or diamonds, paved or smooth, platinum, silver, white gold, rhodium or palladium. the technical terms are many and it is difficult to choose clearly.

The wedding ring or wedding ring is more than just a jewel. It symbolizes jumping, commitment and true love.

How to choose the perfect engagement ring?How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

Before entering the technical part, we will talk about the symbolism of the engagement ring.

While some agree to say that the marriage ring originated in prehistoric and Egyptian rites, the official existence of the wedding alliance is attributed to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

At that time, it was a simple iron ring that was placed on the ring finger of the left hand, where there was, according to beliefs, a vein that connected directly with the heart.

The replacement of iron by metals such as silver and bronze was done in the middle ages. But it was not until the 15th century that the first rings with precious stones and diamonds appeared . The diamonds were reserved for the nobility and were the guarantee of the harmony of the couple after the wedding.

What stone to choose?What stone to choose?

The diamond is traditionally the most chosen gemstone for wedding bands as it symbolizes purity and eternity.

But if we want to get out of the classic we can also buy rings with precious stones such as sapphires, emeralds or even rubies.

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There are no rules, and the most advisable thing is to look into the tastes of the future wife.

The diamond

The quality and value of a diamond is defined by four criteria, cut, carats, clarity and color or what is the same: the size of the diamond, weight, purity and color.

These four criteria are also present in the certificate that accompanies the stone whenever it is greater than 0.4 carats.

The weight of the diamond is expressed in carats (CTS) while the color and purity are illustrated by letters. The color is rated D to Z, and the more colorless it is, the more expensive it is.


Sapphire is the most commercialized gemstone in the world and evokes loyalty and wealth for some.

Engagement rings adorned with sapphire are very common in recent years . Recall the ring of Kate Middleton and Prince William, an engagement ring with an 18-karat Burmese Sapphire with 14 diamonds.

The price of sapphires varies depending on their color. The more alive your blue color is, the more expensive it is.

The EmeraldThe Emerald

Symbol of fertility and hope, the emerald is highly valued for its bright green color.

Emerald is the most fragile gemstone, and this is why they are often rectangular or octagonal.

The Rubi

Synonymous with fertility and passion, the ruby has historically been associated with power for a long time.

The ruby is one of the rarest gemstones and, therefore, one of the most expensive.

What metal to choose for the engagement ring?

Once we have chosen the stone, we will move on to the choice of metal. Usually, most brides usually choose white gold; it is also perfectly possible to opt for yellow or pink gold.

For the request rings, usually a ring with the same silver design is usually purchased.

Which ring model to choose?

There are hundreds or even thousands of ring models. However, they can be distinguished in the three main designs.


This design is characterized by carrying a large stone or that stands out in the center. This is probably the most classic ring model.

Solitary accompanied

The ring has a diamond set in the center and around the ring it has several smaller diamonds set to wear the whole body of the ring.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

As explained through these lines, the price varies depending on the stone, metal and even the type of assembly.

However, there is a tradition, adjusting the average budget between 1 and 2 months of the salary we receive. But hey, I insist that there are no real rules.

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