Essential Guide to Your Workers Compensation Claim

While no business wants their employees to be injured, injuries still happen on the job. When you are the one injured, you may not know what steps to take. This guide can help you through the process.

Employer Communication

The first thing you need to do is inform the employer that you have been injured. Often this falls into the lap of the human resources department, but other businesses may have their own procedure. If you’re not sure who to talk to, you can talk to your immediate supervisor. Once you inform the employer, then you need to seek medical attention. This starts your workers compensation Portland claim.

Medical Attention

Don’t delay seeking medical attention as this could cause issues with the employer covering the costs. You can see any medical professional you desire not just those on the employer’s list of recommendations. If you have a medical professional you are comfortable with, go see them. The important thing is that you start receiving medical treatment. Some companies have a doctor on staff or on call, but you do not have to see them.

File Claim

The employer is required to have workers compensation insurance to pay for your medical bills should you become injured on the job. More than likely the claim has already started when you informed your employer of the injury. You then must fill out a claim form for the benefits to kick in. You may need this form to hand to the hospital or doctor treating you before getting treatment. Don’t forget to ask them for the form. You are only responsible for completing the employee section, but be sure to date and sign it.

No Insurance

In the rare instance that your employer does not have workers compensation insurance, it may be time to seek the experience of an attorney. Most industries have requirements to have insurance, but some companies may have lapsed in their coverage. The company should still pay for your medical treatment as a result of your work injury.

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