Facebook Mentions, To Connect Celebrities With Their Fans

Facebook Mentions

Facebook Mentions

As a general rule, celebrities have two antagonistic positions before social networks, on the one hand there are those who hate them because they cannot bear to expose any aspect of their private life and others who adore them and narrate their day to day through these means . For the latter, the perfect tool is Facebook Mentions.

Facebook MentionsFacebook Mentions connects us live

Facebook Mentions 2

Mark Zukerberg claims that there is nothing that escapes the control of Facebook when it comes to connecting the world. That is why he believes that Facebook Mentions will serve to improve the communication of celebrities, celebrities or personalities, as we want to call them, with their fans. They will also do it through video and live.

Facebook Mentions is already working and as we can read on their page they intend to become:

An excellent way for actors, athletes, musicians and other influential people to maintain contact with their fans and with the people they care about.

Facebook MentionsMore about Facebook Mentions

They can also share with their followers everything that happens on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from the application. For celebrities it will be a perfect way to talk to your fans, know what they are saying about them and the topics that arouse interest. Fans for their part will be able to use Facebook Mentions to read all the news related to the famous one they follow. Also see their videos in the section ‘Latest News, comment, share and even give’ like ‘.

Facebook MentionsAlthough the application has been running since last summer, now Facebook has announced that in the next few days live videos will be published by Gerard Piqué, Kaká, Ricky Martín, Serena Williams and Michael Bublé , among others. The bad news is that at the moment only this application can use those that have a verified page in the United States. Although they intend to reach more countries.

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