Herbs and spices are sources of nutrition

A grass is a plant that does not have a woody stem; otherwise, it would be called shrub, bush or tree. The term “grass” is also used to describe a plant, or a part of it, used for medicinal purposes. The spices instead are the product of a plant, have properties aromatic and are used to flavor or aroma to the food.

Most of the spices are obtained from the bark, such as cinnamon; from fruit, such as red pepper and black pepper; from seeds, such as nutmeg; or other parts of the herbs, trees, and shrubs. The herbs that are used in the kitchen are composed of leaves or stems, which makes it easy to distinguish from spices. But it can be herbs spices herbs and spices to be? Many herbs are used to flavor foods, such as spices, and many spices are used for medicinal purposes, such as herbs.

Plants and medicine

Before treating herbs and spices in the culinary aspect, Let us examine them from a healing point of view. In particular, we try to answer the following question: herbs are medicinal substances or their use is only a legacy of folklore, outdated theories, and myths.

Generally, the layman believes that herbs are just adequate remedies that were used before the arrival of synthetic drugs.

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For other herbs are the source of compounds to be isolated and then sell as medicines. But some believe the herbs and their extracts substances to respect and value.

For many people, the herbs are the only available therapeutic agents. It is difficult to assess how the plants are used as medicine in the world, but he estimated that about 80% of the world population depends on traditional therapies. Since the herbal medicine covers most of the traditional therapies, it is fair to say that many people rely on plants as medicines.

In developed countries very little is known of the inestimable work of plants, but everywhere, and particularly in Europe and Asia, there has been an extraordinary revival and enhancement of herbal medicine, through increased attention to the scientific research. There was an explosion of scientific information on plants, plant extracts, and various vegetable substances: this research has led to increased sales and the consumption in the last 20-30 years herbal remedies. In addition, Kratom is a herbal pain reliever and consuming by the people from 100 of years, it is a plant from Southeast Asia, and it is not available to all countries but you can buy kratom online from anywhere.

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Cooking with herbs and spices

The use of the kitchen herbs and spices is part of the popular tradition and, in fact, what they can do is amazing. For example, the potato, in itself, have a bland taste, but with a little of tarragon, of dill seeds or chili, become a completely different dish.

The herbs, both for curative purposes both in the kitchen, can be used fresh or dried. Dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh, so if you use less. If a recipe calls for the use of dried herbs, divide a number of fresh herbs to 4. For example, if you need to spice up vegetables for 4 people, started with a teaspoon of crumbled dried grass.

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