Hitting the hockey ball as best you can.

Field hockey is a deeply competitive non-contact sports game. It is played to rules similar to Football. You can pass the ball in any direction, you’re not allowed to foul someone by knocking them over or using the stick in an aggressive way. That is the real one big difference in the game, you have a stick. It is vitally important that you use the stick in the best way. It is just as important as the grounds staff ensuring the grass is kept to a certain height, when playing on real grass. This entails specialist mowers and a selection of Mountfield Mower Spares like the ones you can find from https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/mountfield/fits/mountfield-sp460r-petrol-lawnmower/  in case of breakdown.

When it comes to using your hockey stick correctly it  means dribbling the ball with it and also hitting it correctly and cleanly. The last thing that you would want to do is to be faced with the responsibility of playing the penalty corner and not flicking or hitting the ball correctly to your teammates causing a storm of annoyance from them and an embarrassed look from you.

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So, how do you hit the ball correctly? It is an art that has perplexed players of the game since its (possible) creation in Egyptian times. Hitting the ball cleanly means speed power and accuracy. It all basically comes down to how you hold the stick and the situation you find yourself in.  For example, in close play you will want to keep control of the ball. This means possibly looking for the short pass and retaining control of the ball is paramount. The objective here is the placement of your hands. Hold the stick further down the shaft and make sure that you are over the ball as much as possible. This will make tackling you harder but also give you the opportunity to flick the ball quickly out sides ways or forward to the supporting players.

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For a large pass or even a shot on goal the stance and position of the stick handling must be different. Previously the degree of power was less as the angle of the swing available was less. With holding the stick higher up you can swing it higher and fuller. The added force will propel the ball much further as the weight combined with the speed will give it strength.

In both cases following through the action is vital. Commit to the pass or shot whatever the distance and direction required. Stopping mid hit or tailing off the play after the ball is hit will mean it can go astray.

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