How Bow and Bay Windows Can Make a Small Room Appear Larger

If you are dissatisfied with the size of your home or apartment you may be wondering about some affordable ways to increase the appearance of that particular living space. But instead of adding square footage or removing a wall, you could add bay windows or bow windows to make a room appear much larger. This type of improvement project can often be less expensive than the other alternatives for getting some more space in your home or apartment.

Small Rooms in Your Home

Sometimes the key to enlarging any room in your home isn’t knocking down a wall but taking some easy steps to give yourself more space in which to live. That can include rethinking the type or amount of furniture in the room. If you have a lot of large pieces it might make sense to replace those with smaller pieces to give yourself more room to move around.

An addition of a bay or bow window is also going to afford you some extra space in which to sit and relax as both types of windows extend out from the exterior wall of your home or apartment unit. Either window utilizes a box type of structure where you can add a bench or some other seating arrangement and this will add area to your room.

Natural Light

Another component of a small room is the amount of light that comes in. An absence of natural sunlight can also make a room a feel cramped and small. But adding a bow or bay window to that room can increase the amount of sunlight that comes in while providing you with some additional seating space within the box structure of the style of replacement window you choose. You’re not removing any walls or adding square footage, but when you’re sitting in your bay or bow window with a coffee and a good book in the morning, you’ll immediately feel the difference a new window can make from the perspective of any room.

Bay or Bow?

So now that you’re considering replacing your current window with a bay or bow alternative, all you need to do is decide which one you wish to choose. The two of them are quite similar, yet their differences are very specific and each one provides its own value as a replacement option.

Bay windows consist of three or more separate windows that are constructed as an extension of the exterior wall of your home and offer a wider view of the surrounding area outside your windows. The box bay has a larger space for lounging and relaxing, but it’s limited in the number of windows that can be vented. Bay windows usually have a fixed picture window in the middle.

Bow windows don’t angle out as far from the exterior wall, opting for a more gradual sweeping arch that still offers you a place to sit and relax. This style is comprised of four to six separate windows, all of which can be vented and there is no fixed pane. Bow windows offer a wider perspective on the outdoors and let in more light. Contact Renewal by Andersen Colorado Springs to discuss these and other options for making small rooms in your home appear larger.

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