How to add value to your bathroom

Bedrooms may just be bedrooms; however, you can really add value to your house and impress buyers with an upmarket bathroom. Whether you have lots of space or something the size of a cupboard, pile on the style and see the results in the bottom line.

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Minimalism is expensive

The most cost-effective way to do up a bathroom is to keep the current layout of sink, WC and shower/bath. Moving pipes starts to become expensive, whereas installing new equipment and accessories does not have to cost too much.

A minimalist shower installation, with pipework hidden in the wall and only the showerhead visible, looks fantastic; however, it is expensive – hacking out the wall, plastering and retiling is not cheap. It is worth doing if you want to impress young professionals; however, it is unlikely to be important to buyers or renters of a family home.

Again, a wall-hung WC looks great and you could argue that it makes the floor easier to clean; however, you are going to have to hide the pipework, which will raise your installation costs. Again, young urbanites might love it, but it is unlikely to feature on the wish list of families.

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Keep it simple

According to Phil Spencer, the key money earners in a bathroom are the features that people will notice and it is important to keep everything else simple.

He picks out a heated towel rail and power shower as key purchases and advises you to have a glass door or screen rather than shower curtains. One of the new showerheads that is larger than average is also a good investment. He says that a new bathroom will increase the value of your house by almost three per cent.

You could also install PVC waterproof roller blinds, which instantly add impact to what can be a bland design. The PVC means they will stand up to splashing, while the wide range of colours and designs means there will always be an option available to complement or contrast with the rest of the room. You can get PVC waterproof roller blinds made to measure and they also come in blackout versions, which are handy if your bathroom is overlooked.

If you keep it simple, a dream bathroom does not have to cost a fortune.

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