How to be the best wedding guest

Weddings are a big deal and need a lot of organisation, usually by the bride and groom. Be the best guest you can and make their job that little bit easier. Here are five ways you can be the best guest at the party.

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1. Begin as you mean to go on

Send the RSVP as soon as you know you are going to attend – or not, as the case may be. The last thing an anxious bride and groom needs is to be chasing guests for responses in the runup to the big day. If they know you are coming, you have a better chance of being seated on a table with people you know and like.

2. Do you have dietary requirements?

If so, let the bride and groom know so that they can inform the venue. It can be stressful for you if you have a requirement and difficult for the venue, which has to consider a lot of people’s needs. If you are concerned, take some snacks you can enjoy.

3. Make your gift thoughtful

Some couples put a list together for guests to pick from; however, with more and more couples living together before they get married, they often have all the traditional wedding gift list items such as toasters and plates. If there is no list, make your gift imaginative and tailored to the couple. Show how well you know them by giving them something they will love but never knew they wanted.

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4. Dress to impress but not outshine

You want to look your best for your friend’s wedding, of course, but it is important to strike a balance and find a look that works for you but doesn’t outshine the members of the wedding party. Look online for some celebrity inspiration. It can be a minefield to find suitable dresses for wedding guests, but retailers such as My Kind of Dress have a huge range of wedding guest dresses for you to consider or get inspiration from.

5. Have a great time

A wedding is one of the biggest celebrations you will attend with your friends, so you will want to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Make sure their big day is memorable for everyone for all the right reasons.

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