How to choose a Wedding Photographer

When it comes to the forever memories of your big day, it’s not vain to want the very best when it comes to your photographs. Your pictures need to convey the excitement and emotion of the event, to incorporate the special surroundings you have chosen and to include a bit of fun and glamour too. It’s a pretty tall ask so you want to be sure you pick the right photographer for the job. What should you look for?

  1. Someone who understands that you want to have fun. Photographers will ask you to pose for pictures but they should want you happy and relaxed. Stressed out couples don’t make for great photos so make sure you have a photographer who you know you will feel comfortable with.
  2. Choose a style of photos that you both want before researching which photographers can offer that style. There are many different styles in case you’re not au fait with them, they include a documentary style, fine art, portraiture or edgy. Which one do you think best suits your taste?
  3. Have a look at photographer’s websites and see examples of weddings they’ve previously worked at. Read any online reviews from newlyweds to see what they say. The design of their website should give you an idea of their style and experience. Don’t forget to check them out on social media too, read feedback and see how the photographer responds.

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  1. If you like what you see on a few websites, arrange some informal interviews if your chosen photographers are available on your date. It’s important that you meet them in person and take a closer look at their work. Tell them about your plans, venue, dress and themes and see if you hit it off personality-wise.
  2. If you’re using a larger firm then check to see that you will be getting the photographer of your choice. Some firms have more than one photographer and unless you specify in your contract, you could be sent anyone on their staff for your big day.
  3. It’s important to find out what is included in the price of any package. Are there charges for extra shots? How many hours coverage is included? Will the photographer be bringing any assistants? What aspects of the day will be photographed? Do they photograph your hair being styled in advance at your chosen Gloucester Hairdressers such as How long will it take to get the photos after the wedding? There are so many things to find out that you should probably make a list.

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  1. Most importantly, don’t get bogged down in lighting, composition and what kind of camera they will be using. Go with your gut. If you like the photos and the photographer and their style makes you smile then it’s probably a good mix. It all depends on personal taste. Some photographers like to work in old school film and produce glamourous black and white shots while others will use only natural light and take super crisp images using a digital camera. Whether you’re looking for romantic, dramatic, retro or unique and whimsical – shop around and find someone who shares your vision.

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