How To Ensure The Honesty Of People, In A Distance Relationship Over The Internet?

How To Ensure The Honesty Of People, In A Distance Relationship Over The Internet?

Would you like to avoid wasting time with people who lie in a distance relationship over the internet and in this way allow yourself to point to just about your intentions and your actions to find a trustworthy person?

Do you think that the internet has made easy and simple, the meetings and the romantic relationships between men and women? Probably, this has allowed finding people, pictures of people more easily without leaving the house.

But that has also considerably increased a very complex and of great importance in relations problem, as is the lack of honesty or transparency, creating doubts that prevent you trust people.

Let’s look together how to make sure to be in the presence of an honest person on the internet and if not, how to make it honest because often, the person is afraid and does not have enough confidence in it to have an honest conversation.How To Ensure The Honesty Of People, In A Distance Relationship Over The Internet?

Why Do People Lie In A Distance Relationship Over The Internet?

Do you think you are honest and the other dishonest? Do you think the other person thinks the same thing? So why not accept this truth without seeking to deny it?

We lie in our relationships, not voluntarily, but unconsciously by the learned habit of others. We were conditioned to lie from our youth so that not to harm us when someone hurt us by not respecting our truths, our feelings, our vulnerability.

Then, once grown up, we lie simply because we do not have enough confidence with others to express our feelings, our truths, our fears, our intentions.

We seek, then, out of habit, to appear instead of being true, that is, to show an image of a person according to the criteria of respectability that our education has projected in our world.

And on the internet, lying is used for waste, since there is no personal contact between people, then you can show the image that you want the other person to see. And this image is not only visual but also, that of a “good person” with words.How To Ensure The Honesty Of People, In A Distance Relationship Over The Internet?

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How To Ensure The Honesty Of People, Of Distance Relationships Over The Internet?

Whether you are a man or a woman, honestly represents the indispensable element in determining the future of an in-person encounter with someone with whom you communicate on the internet with the intention of having a love relationship eventually.

This way, you can choose someone online that your appearance or image looks nice, but you estimate that is not all.

Then start a conversation with the image you see. What counts with respect to honesty and to become aware of both. See if you have confidence in it and validate it in person, in a public place.

Many people have come to believe that the more conversations they have online, the longer they get to know each other, the more they will see the honesty of the people.

I observe that it is exactly the opposite, since an honest and transparent person knows well, that it is not with the words that the trust is shown, but with the personal answers concerning their own truths and in the actions, which is the relation in person.How To Ensure The Honesty Of People, In A Distance Relationship Over The Internet?

What Are The Questions That Allow You To See The Trust And Honesty Of A Person?

It is the questions you ask that will determine if the other person is going to have the confidence to respond honestly and thus observe their truths. But you must guide the other by first telling how you feel or what you are.

I present a few questions that will allow you to observe the trust and as a consequence, if she is honest before finding her in person:

I do not feel comfortable in an internet conversation, with someone I do not know. But you, how do you feel about it?

I am afraid of the people I meet online, as there are so many lies. What are your fears or fears with such situations?

I do not like talking about myself to a stranger since I feel vulnerable to tell him my intentions, my preferences in a relationship. And you, do you like to talk to a stranger?

I do not feel good about being chosen from numerous photos online because it seems like a food market. How do you feel, among a list of objects?

You can choose your own questions, but do not forget to tell your truths and ask questions to the other person that they will allow you to say something true about him and above all some vulnerability.How To Ensure The Honesty Of People, In A Distance Relationship Over The Internet?

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To make sure that you are in the presence of a trustworthy person, then she will respond to you using your feelings, your fears, your doubts and not talking about others or impersonally. A person in trust is not afraid to show their fears and their discomforts.

But if the person has no fear or uncomfortable feelings, then you are probably in the presence of a liar, dishonest and unconscious that is afraid to tell their own truths after having guided him telling his. Why does this person use the internet to find people, if she is totally confident in relationships? It is risky to have a face-to-face meeting with these individuals, as the conversation will be very monotonous and focused on that person.

Finally, you can not meet the other person without finding it in person, as that will allow you to validate your pronounced truths and see your attitude in a sincere way.

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