How To Have A Secure Password

How To Have A Secure Password

The importance of having a secure password is of vital importance to avoid “problems” with both our privacy and our security.

The choice of a secure password does not have to be at odds with the ease of remembering it, as long as it is kept within basic safety rules.

A password is considered to have an acceptable security when it has at least 8 characters, is alphanumeric and also uses a symbol.

There are programs that generate our own passwords, remembering them for us, but a simple way to create a more or less secure password is creating an “acronym” from a phrase easy to remember for us to have direct meaning for us. For example, ” My son was born on December 12, 2004. ” With that phrase as a guide, you can use Mhne12 / Dec, 4 as a password.How To Have A Secure PasswordHow To Have A Secure PasswordHow To Have A Secure Password

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