How Will Netflix Fend off Live TV Streaming?

Streaming has become increasingly popular in recent years, with viewers eager to choose what they want to watch and when. Netflix became the place to go and has continued to grow and gain more fans. In the past, they have been able to keep away their competitors, however with the introduction of live TV streaming from Hulu, will they be able to keep up?

What Advantages Does Hulu Have?

With a broader range of TV shows, Hulu is stepping up the competition. Previously, Netflix was widely known to have an extensive collection of TV shows and films, but with Hulu’s larger assortment, will Netflix users be switching sides? Hulu has the advantage of being owned by such companies as Fox, Disney and Time Warner. Could they decide to restrict the content given to Netflix in favour of Hulu?

Netflix Response

Their first strategy involves putting more emphasis on original content. From fan favourites such as Orange is the New Black to the more recent Stranger Things, Netflix original programming could help keep their audience.

Netflix is particularly popular among those who like to binge watch TV series. This allows viewers to form loyal ties, which puts Netflix at an advantage because their audience is less likely to have time to watch live streaming.

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When streaming live content, Hulu will only be showing U.S channels to a U.S audience. Netflix has made a name for itself all over the world and is continuing to grow, which should help expand its viewer base.

Netflix responded to this pressure by creating its own piece of so-called live content. In the comedic video, Netflix favourite Will Arnett offered a commentary of mundane jobs around the office, an April Fools prank showing that live streaming isn’t always interesting.

Netflix has also benefitted from the rise in costs of TV services. Those who don’t have access to satellite TV often choose streaming services to watch their favourite shows. Some may have issues with their TV or aerials, so go elsewhere. However, if this rings true, and you prefer to watch satellite or Freeview, you could look at Worcester TV aerial repair such as

2017 is bound to be full of challenges for Netflix, however they seem to have a good plan in place to keep them the number one streaming site.

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