I Do Not Find Work, But I Do Not Despair

I Do Not Find Work, But I Do Not Despair

I cannot find a job. This is a phrase that millions of people around the world have said, commented or thought at some point in their professional career. However, it should always be followed by the expression “but not despair”.

Never say just ‘I do not find work’

It is obvious that the last thing we should do in the face of a job search, however fruitless it may seem, is to despair. If we give up hope and spirit, we almost lose all possibilities of achieving our goals.

I Do Not Find Work, But I Do Not Despair

Then we will offer you a series of important keys in all job search, so arm yourself with patience, get all your energy, lift your spirits, and say very well, “I find no work, but no despair.”

Encourage your employability

Being actively seeking employment is an excellent time to promote employability. What does this mean? That you have to have the mind always open to a change of sector, expansion of professional horizons, changes of residence and mobility, dedication to the formation and improvement of skills and competence, etc. There is a whole world of possibilities that will allow you a huge personal and professional development and optimize your ability to get a good job.

I Do Not Find Work, But I Do Not Despair

Keep your routines

Never close yourself in the negative mantra of not finding work. Although the labor market is very complex and competitive, you must keep your routines active and structure your life instead of fall into despair and apathy. You can take your own job search as a job in itself, and devote eight hours each day as if it were a working day. This activity will help you focus your attention on your goal.

I Do Not Find Work, But I Do Not Despair

Be persevering

Never surrendering and being perseverant and constant is paramount in the search for employment. Never surrender, no matter how obscure the situation may seem. If an opportunity has fallen, there are always others waiting around the corner, so it is mandatory to be very conscientious, patient and persistent.

Ask for help

It is not always easy to face a situation of lack of employment. However, there are professionals who are willing to help you. Both psychologically and in terms of training and promoting employability, a coach can be vital to help you in the process of finding a job.

Stay socially active

If you find the phrase I do not find work all day in your mind as a recurring negative mantra, you need to stay socially and professionally active. This is achieved, as we said before, being perseverant and performing routines on the one hand, and fostering relationships with other people on the other.

In the social aspect, family, friends, acquaintances and even your contacts can help you. In fact, today there are large numbers of social networks through which you can keep an active job search, are an excellent showcase to show your training, competence, and employability, and allow you to expand your network of influence.

I Do Not Find Work, But I Do Not Despair

Be productive and participatory

Finally, we want to highlight the importance of productivity and participation. Volunteering, for example, is an excellent activity that will keep you active, enable you to make contacts, improve your personal and professional development, expand your experiences, employability, and skills, and make you forget the recurring and negative phrase of no I find work.

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You can verify that the not find work does not necessarily have to be something negative. In reality, you should never despair and take the pejorative meaning of the term, since there are a large number of activities and possibilities that open before you, so take the opportunity to be more employable and productive.

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