Keys To Know How To Attract All The Talent Your Startup Needs

Keys To Know How To Attract All The Talent Your Startup Needs

I imagine we all agree that signing talent with a strong capital back is simple, or at least simpler, since I want to think that projects and ideas move and encourage talent. This is what this article is about, everything that is not money, those points that can touch the fiber needed to attract all the talent that your startup needs at the beginning. Those talents that will help turn power-points and business plans into a sustainable and revenue-generating business.


Until you have a team of people, an image or some approximate figures of the potential of your business, you are the reflection of the company that you want to mount. Your ideas, your way of expressing them, your plans, your vision, all this will make your startup credible or not, your future team must perceive security and clairvoyance in the ideas contributed and in the way to follow. You have to think that you cannot offer something really tangible, you can pay something but surely it will be less than normal, so your project is your endorsement , the key that can open some doors to find people who want to join your battle.

You must know how to handle and create reasonable expectations, since the decision that your future team should make is more emotional than rational, they are buying a business idea in the hope of getting on a winning boat that makes them proud and able to say at the end of a time “I was from the beginning”.

Keys To Know How To Attract All The Talent Your Startup NeedsKEYS TO FIND AND BE FOUND BY THE TALENT YOU NEED

Once internalized the message that in my opinion you must give, other keys that can help you are the following:

1- Always on: You have to be always active and in search of talents that can contribute differential points or competitive advantages. To capture talent, the constant search is more a lifestyle to welcome you to get results.

Keys To Know How To Attract All The Talent Your Startup Needs2- Close the siege with the startup culture: who would like to be part of a startup with good projection? For all those “friends” of this culture. And you can find them in industry forums, blogs, informational events ….

3 – Build your own informational event with a topic of interest: A concrete example would be to set up your own Meetup group and share your ideas and values ​​with relevant topics like “excuse”. Of course, it is necessary to add value to the events, since no one will want to attend if they anticipate that it will be more a collective interview than anything else.

Keys To Know How To Attract All The Talent Your Startup Needs4- Manufactures content of value that is related to your startup: Those talents that cross your path will be suitable for you to make them an “indecent proposition”. An interesting option is to create a linkedin group with a related theme.

5- Do networking with entrepreneurs who went through the same thing: they will give you the best advice in this matter.

6- Visit co-working spaces: That can be a good place to find people related to you. A little skill and mouth-ear will do the rest.

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Finding the right people was never easy, but there would not be so many companies and human resources consultants. Technical skills are not paramount here, partly yes, but much more have the same motivations, passions. When you manage to have parts of yourself projected on your computer is when we have a treasure to care for and maintain for a long time.

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