Leadership 2.0: Important Concepts To Keep In Mind

Leadership 2.0 Important Concepts To Keep In Mind

We move in a digital context where there are thousands and thousands of accounts in social networks, an ocean of content of all topics and behind all this a great mass of people trying to excel and gain in visibility to boost much of them, their activity professional. Although all this seems to be a “total chaos” without any kind of order or outline, every day there are large content chains (in all formats) where some medium or relevant person throws information and becomes viralizar until arriving at the great mass Of users.

These initiators of the “information chains” are the so-called 2.0 leaders as I have pointed out in the title or for many, the influencers. People who set trends. Around this question, the question is:

 How do you get to that point of influence over other users? What are the skills and good practices to keep in mind for those who want to reach this?

 Leadership 2.0 Important Concepts To Keep In Mind


If we look at many of these 2.0 leaders in their daily lives and draft skills and good practices, the following concepts will emerge:

1- The art of prudence: in a digital terrain everything is clear, so being careful never hurts. Prudence is also shown when avoiding unnecessary disputes or documenting very well before giving a firm opinion on a particular issue.

Leadership 2.0 Important Concepts To Keep In Mind2 – Sustained optimistic tone: almost all leaders focus more on finding and communicating the opportunities that exist in an environment instead of sowing destructive comments without a clear objective.

3- Skills marked in assertive communication: these people have the ability to defend and communicate their convictions without submitting the will of other users. They know how to convince their environment with arguments and data so they do not need to impose anything.

4- Find the focus before communicating: knowing what you want to relate to is capital to gain influence. You have to be clear before you start releasing any messages. If you have the niche, you have the message.

Leadership 2.0 Important Concepts To Keep In Mind5- Find the tone and be faithful to a style: leaders are remembered because they were recognizable and faithful to a style. In a digital plane you must find the type words that have good agreement with the message and the marked objective.

6- Creativity in content creation: A good leader 2.0 is a person with an inexhaustible capacity and sustained regularly to create relevant content. Precisely that is what makes them recognizable and different from other users on the internet.

Leadership 2.0 Important Concepts To Keep In Mind7- Engagement: making the content accessible from any device at any time and format will greatly increase the popularity rate of the person in question.


8- Perseverance and “knowing to be wrong”: the one is linked to the other. A person who has a high public exposure at some point will be wrong and perseverance is able to continue on the same path with a lesson learned.

9- Research and constant learning: if a user is dedicated to explaining their knowledge only, that has an end, but if you do what you are learning has much more.

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