Light Your Home With IKEA

Elegance and distinction are the hallmarks of the new decoration articles presented by the Swedish multinational Ikea at the prestigious exhibition at European level Casa Decor 2017.

The firm created by the Swedish Ingvar Kamprad proposes us this time a furniture and accessories that will bring that light and clarity lost in the home. The white shades and a pink stick of each new Ikea product will endow rooms like the bedroom, dining room, kitchen or living room in a simple style at the same time characterized by an absolute delicacy.Light Your Home With IKEA

These new Ikea items are cared for down to the smallest detail, making them the flagship product of this year.

If we go to the bathroom, the Swedish firm combines the purity of the white on the washbasin, bathtub, and urinal with the tiny utensils for hygiene and decoration of a delicate pinkish color. The dining room adopts this same strategy when it is dominated by the white and brown splendor that is derived from the main table of the rectangular form located in the center of the room and whose tone is emphasized thanks to the light that enters timidly through the large windows Coming. All this is complemented by the delicacy and fineness of the glasses and dishes, as well as a complete set of white candles wrapped with a soft pink bow tie that will delight any perfectionist or obsessed with home decor.Light Your Home With IKEA

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For its part, the room will be illuminated by the white armchairs spread throughout the room and dominated by cushions and soft and delicate blankets that combine once again the popular pink and white tones.Light Your Home With IKEA

These same tonalities take possession of one of the rooms of the house more subject to a constant use and its consequent wear: the kitchen. The white furniture fuses with the darkness of the brown tones that give off the table and some other shelves. This tour ends with the bedroom, where you can achieve the dream you need by resting peacefully between fine white sheets and pink robes that will clothe you on the cold winter nights.

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