Live music trends that are changing the way we listen to our favourite sounds

Music styles are ever evolving and now the way we listen to our favourite music could be set to change too. This year has brought new trends and predictions about how live music is all going to transform. Let’s take a look at some of the expectations from some of the top industry professionals.

Immersive performances

HBO’s Westworld focused on the possibility of immersive theatre with customers able to take part in different storylines without the characters even realising. This concept could soon make its way to live music with audiences becoming part of, or heavily influencing the performance itself. Nick Panama, founder of Cantora Records, believes that immersive theatre is about to blow up with experiential storytelling having a massive influence on live music. New technology could play a part, alongside sensory details, to make the fans part of the story.

Political influence

With such big changes in recent politics, Jay Sweet, the festival director for Newport Festivals Foundation predicts that music which was once about escapism will turn into activism. Musicians will inevitably have an opinion on political goings on and will try to influence a positive change through their songs. Co-founder of Afropunk, Matthew Morgan, also suggests that with larger audiences gathering, who believe in these shared causes, independent promoters and producers must allow and create safe spaces for activism.

Easily accessible music

With voice assistants such as Alexa becoming increasingly popular, it gives audiences a much better chance of listening to live music in the comfort of their own home. A home automation system, such as those found here home automation systems are one step closer to controlling your home environment with ease and comfort. With Amazon recently allowing Alexa to share the election results as they came in who’s to say that the same thing could not happen with live music through your home automation system?

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Brand interaction

It’s no secret that some artists are sponsored by well-known brands to help them reach their target audience. Brands are able to set up private shows for exclusive guests, or meet and greets for specific fans but recently they are spending more money on larger events. Fans get to meet their idols and artists get involved with those who keep them in the limelight. Win, win for all.

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