Making the Most of Your Engagement Experience

The decision to shop for engagement rings is just the first step in a long process before your big day. Offset some of the nerves you can expect when you pop the question by buying a jaw-dropping ring that suits your fiance as perfectly as you.

Your Budget
Gone are the days of saving up two-and-a-half months earnings for your engagement ring purchase. Affordability and finance options have changed the game. Instead, determine what you can comfortably afford once you consider all the big ticket items you can look forward to as you start your united lives together. Wedding costs can average in the tens of thousands, there is the honeymoon, and of course, housing. Bearing these factors in mind, consider whether you want to go all out on your fiance’s engagement, as it is something she’ll wear for the rest of her life, or decide if you can spend less and still present the ring of her dreams, and yours.

There are many resources available to the savvy ring buyer. More trusted than ever, online brokers can offer deep discounts if you are comfortable making such an investment sight unseen. Bear in mind, however, that reputable online jewelers will offer insured shipping and a generous return policy. For those who done, look elsewhere. Of course, the old brick and mortar stores offer their own benefits, including a close-up, sizing, and jewelry care for the lifetime of the ring. Whatever suits your lifestyle and budget, make sure you go into the purchasing process with your eyes wide open and a clear grasp of what you can expect from the jeweler. As for the diamond itself, you should have a good idea going into the process what kind of cut she will want as well as what kind of clarity and color you are looking for and can expect within your budget. Find a friend or relative you can trust and enlist their help during this process; it always helps to bounce ideas and options off someone who is vested in her happiness, but who can give you their opinion without involving emotions.

Surprise Her
Once you have settled on her ring details and made the big purchase, do not settle for the status quo. You have chosen the perfect ring, present it to her and pop the question in a way she’ll talk about for years to come. Try searching the internet for unique ideas to get your creative juices flowing and then put your personal spin on your final engagement plans. After your hard work, investment, and emotional input don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

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