Microsd Cards Reach 128 GB

MicroSD cards reach 128 GB

The memory cards have gone through several formats since birth, among which the tendency has been for the memories to become smaller and smaller. The challenge for manufacturers was to introduce as much capacity as possible into ever smaller spaces.

For several years, and especially with the expansion of smartphones and tablets, MicroSD is the most used format among memory cards, which had as cap capacity 64 GB. SanDisk (as it would say more of a well-known “Sandisk”), that has managed to create a MicroSD card of 128 GB of capacity, almost nothing.

MicroSD cards reach 128 GBNot everything is mobile in the MWC

SanDisk has presented this card in the Mobile World , where not only has been talked about phones. SanDisk has named it exactly as Ultra microSDXC UHS-I and has guaranteed that it offers twice the speed of writing than the current MicroSD models. According to SanDisk “users will enjoy the freedom to capture and save what they want on their devices, without having to worry about running out of space.”

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The task has not been easy, to make a 128 GB MicroSD card Sandisk has had to put 16 layers of chips one over another in a space as small as that, barely 1 centimeter square.

 Availability and price

The Ultra microSDXC UHS-I will soon be available on pages like Bestbuy or Amazon, and the starting price will be 199 $, in our opinion somewhat high, but like everything in technology will gradually go down price to become a price more affordable.MicroSD cards reach 128 GB

 Sandisk Ultra 128 GB

To give you an idea, in 128 GB will fit about 58,000 photos, 18,500 songs or 85 hours of video in SD … It is curious how in only a decade, storage on physical media has multiplied its capacity x1000. Will it continue to grow or will we soon make the definitive leap into the cloud?MicroSD cards reach 128 GB

I still remember with nostalgia when I went to a cyber with my diskettes of 1.3 Mb and to take me a song had to split it in 3 parts and then unite them in the pc of house; it seems that would have passed an eternity.

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