Muscle Toning To Activate Metabolism

Muscle Toning To Activate Metabolism

The intense muscle toning, concentrated in the large muscles and brief favors the definition of your muscles and increases metabolism speed up to 100%, even seven hours after exercise and ended 24 hours later if there have been shoelaces. In other words, “muscle toning activates your metabolism.”

When you start with our online diet in addition to following the strategic combination of foods proposed by our Online Nutritionists, you must acquire physical exercise routines. When we talk about the need to increase your physical activity we do not mean that you have to do marathon days in the gym, or that you have to run a lot of kilometers.

Muscle Toning To Activate MetabolismIn order to lose weight, we recommend that you do 20 minutes of aerobic exercise every day , also known as cardiovascular (running, walking, biking, dancing …), alternating sprints of 20 seconds of high intensity. It is convenient to include this muscular toning table   that will only take you 5-1 minutes each day, following the indications that appear in the bottom of this post.

Keep in mind that it is necessary to vary the routines of muscle toning and aerobic exercise, as recent studies have found that athletes who perform different types of training are more defined and can “afford” to eat more. This is because they develop a state of “hypermetabolism” that increases their caloric expenditure.

Muscle Toning To Activate MetabolismMuscle toning to activate your metabolism

Toning is important to help lose weight.  Follow a healthy diet.

You must work a single area of ​​the body in each workout to make the most of muscle toning without depleting the resistance of the muscle group involved.

The intensity or maximum effort of the training pursues that the muscle exhausts its reserves of glycogen quickly, without you feel fatigued, because the rest of muscles will be rested.

Our Sports Nutritionists recommend doing few repetitions but forcing the maximum effort.

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The muscle toning program of Coherent Diet is somewhat different depending on sex. The upper part of the female body works more smoothly than the male’s because generally, the woman does not want to develop both the shoulders and the arms. However, in women, a muscular tonification of the pelvic floor is made, of the pectorals, due to its effect of lifting the chest; and of the glutes, to enhance that part of the body.

The muscular toning of the leg and waist is the same for men and women, since they are the largest muscles in the body and have the most influence on the metabolic activation.

The muscular toning of the waist strengthens the ligaments and muscles that surround the spine, so it is highly recommended to reduce back pain and improve posture.

Muscle Toning To Activate MetabolismTo lose weight in a healthy way

Our method does not include biceps, triceps or shoulder exercises because, due to their size, they do not make a big difference in the overall energy balance.

Muscle Toning Chart

In addition to going for a walk, run, swim or dance, interspersing 2 or 3 high intensity sprints, make this muscle toning table every day. It will only take you 5-10 minutes. Surely you find the ideal moment of the day, to incorporate it into your routine.

Muscle Toning To Activate MetabolismAs you see in the images, each day you will do three or four exercises of three series each. Start the first soft series as a warm-up with 13 repetitions and continue with the last two series of 15-20 repetitions respectively. Over time, increase the weight or repetitions, to avoid the effect of adaptation to exercise. One trick is to do two more repetitions from the moment you think you’re on the edge.

You must rest around a minute between series and series to allow the muscle to recharge with the energy reserves of the liver (glycogen). In the case of large muscle groups, rest should be longer (one minute and a half). Rest, means resting, does not do any other exercise between sets; just relax sitting or lying down at the necessary time.

But “who makes the law makes the trap”, to speed up the toning table and not have to wait to do the second series, performs the first series of ALL exercises of the muscle toning table for that day, then the second series of ALL, the third series of ALL exercises and ends by stretching the area worked with the last two exercises.

The rest between workouts each zone must be at least 3 days to activate metabolism and prevent injuries, so you should follow the order you propose our sports nutritionists:

Coherent training to activate your metabolism.  Muscle toning table to activate your metabolism and lose weight faster.

It is important to sport and l to Diet Coherent your lifestyle. Nutritionists Online offer our diets pathologies, weight loss diets with nutritional coaching and patterns of Sports Nutrition in America, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, etc . Put yourself in our hands, the important thing is to have a goal, be constant and keep active your motivation to improve your health and your figure.

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