My Last Obsession For A Wedding Look

My Last Obsession For A Wedding Look

Hi girls, how are you? Today I do not bring you a look because I’m ill and I did not have the body to take pictures of me, I hope you’ll forgive me !! Next week I promise to be on top and with the batteries loaded.

My Last Obsession For A Wedding LookAs I get many emails with questions about wedding looks, of course many thanks to all those who tell me that you like my guest styles, so today I bring you my last obsession: wide pants.

My Last Obsession For A Wedding LookI have a wedding in September at night, and I do not feel like going long because, even though I love it, when I take off the heels that are usually in the dance. I drag the dress or with it In the hand all night, so I thought that with some pants I can put on less heels, or bad ones to catch my bass with an impartial.

And well as I have not bought any, then I will have to see if I fit well in my body, I have brought you a selection of my favorite, for which you do not see this trend very clear, I will tell you that this year they wear trousers a lot And the monkeys for the guests do you love with a look like that?

My Last Obsession For A Wedding LookThe first ones I want to go to see are those of Rita Von   I discovered the other day and I loved it.

These of Color Nude I also like a lot, they have a spectacular fall, but I see them too bell, and I do not know if they will favor me.

And finally there are those of David Christian that not only I like the pants but the bodies and the belts are ideal!

My Last Obsession For A Wedding LookWhat do you think? Had anyone thought to wear pants at a wedding? Tell me!

Have a good weekend, I’m going back to the fair, has been improvised … by the way for those who asked me for a photo dressed gypsy, even if I die of embarrassment , here you have it!

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