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If you use Android, you most likely get most of your apps and other stuff for your device from the Google Play Store. Like all things Google, the Play Store is usually pretty well-behaved, but when you start to have a persistent issue, resolving it can be a little tricky. First of all, everything gets more complicated when you’re talking about system apps – normally the first thing you would do with a glitchy app is uninstall and reinstall, but unless you’ve rooted your device, uninstalling Play Store isn’t an option. And then, even if you did uninstall Play Store, or if your mobile or tablet came without it for some reason, how are you going to install it again? It’s not like you can go looking for Play Store in the Play Store when you don’t have Play Store (you get the idea).

Free Play Store APK downloads

If you need to install Play Store for whatever reason, you’re going to have to do it manually using the APK file, and that’s where play store comes in. This site has free and safe downloads for the Google Play Store APK file, and they update the site every time a new version is released. You can usually also find useful info about any important changes that have been made to the new update.

This is a great resource for Android users with root access (especially because you can hand-select the exact version of Play Store APK you want), but also for anyone who doesn’t want to wait around for their device to come up in the auto-update queue.


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Simple instructions and technical advice

It’s not as if installing an APK were that complicated, but there are people out there who can barely figure out how to power off their mobile, so has fortuitously included easy-to-follow instructions for people who are new to the world of APK downloads, including specific articles for some of the most popular Android devices.

There’s also a forum on the site where people go to ask for technical help (if you’re feeling altruistic, you might consider sharing some of your wisdom there), but there are also threads discussing Play Store news, other apps and general Android talk.

Anyway, if you ever run into a snag with Google Play Store, you’ll likely find the answer to your question on, plus free downloads for the Play Store APK file you most likely need to install to solve your problem.

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