How to organize a parade of vintage cars?

How to organize a parade of vintage cars?

Cross the city in a parade of vintage cars and flaunt your antique car, accompanied by other enthusiasts. Here is how to organize a parade of vintage cars that you will be proud of!How to organize a parade of vintage cars?

Contact local authorities to organize a collection vintage cars show

Owners of vintage cars and collectibles love to show off their vehicles. They like to attend car shows, lift hoods and share the latest technology with passers-by and other car enthusiasts. First and foremost, collectors of vintage cars love to drive their vehicles.

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A collector’s car show is a great opportunity to do all that. There is nothing more fun than a collector car show through the city. Organizing such an event in the city where you live is a good way to show your vehicle to everyone. Here are the important steps to make your dream of a collector car show come true.

You will need permission to parade and share your passion for automotive technology with the rest of the city. A collector car show may require street closures and a lot of advertising. You must get permission to do all that.

Start planning in advance. The workings of the administration are sometimes very slow. The more you take in advance, the better.How to organize a parade of vintage cars?

Organize a collector car show: contact local auto clubs

It takes several vintage cars to be able to make a parade, so you must contact local owners to solicit their participation. The best way to do this is to contact local clubs and vintage car enthusiasts.

If there are such organizations in your city, you are lucky. Otherwise, you will need to contact the surrounding clubs. Owners of vintage cars love to travel to exhibitions and other activities, so you should have no problem attracting participants.

Buy prizes and do a lot of publicity for your parade

Some collector car shows are only organized for fun, but some are also in the form of a competition. If you plan to add a competitive aspect to your event, you must choose appropriate prizes for the winners and participants.How to organize a parade of vintage cars?

Owners of antique cars and collectibles love trophies: the bigger they are, the better. Visit a local trophy shop or go on the Internet to find ideas. Buy prizes that attendees will be proud to place above their fireplace.

You could order commemorative plaques for all participants. Car owners will be happy to show their license plate to other motorists, which will give visibility to your event.

Do not forget to do a lot of publicity in certain target places. Magazine and collector car websites are obvious choices. If collectible car shows and shows are planned in your area, distribute leaflets announcing your event.

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On the big day, arrive early to greet the drivers on their arrival, check that everything is in order on your vintage cars. Give the parade route and information about competitions, if any. Above all, have fun and enjoy the company of other car lovers.

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