Outdoor Decks For Your Terrace And Pool

Outdoor Decks For Your Terrace And Pool

The wooden pallets are not the exclusive property of the interior of the houses but have become an elegant, warm and very aesthetic option to cover the floor of the terrace or the surroundings of the pool. The possibilities are different, so if you are thinking of installing an outdoor platform, you should consider whether you prefer to give priority to aesthetics or ease of maintenance.

Outdoor Decks For Your Terrace And Pool

Special pallets for terraces and gardens made of natural wood are very beautiful and elegant, but also more expensive than artificial ones, and require more care for their better durability. The most used materials are Tema, Tobias, Cumaru, Elizondo and Massaranduba, all of which are very water resistant tropical woods, which are used in yacht and sailboat decks, with an oil protective finish that must be renewed twice a year.Outdoor Decks For Your Terrace And Pool

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Currently, there is also a wide variety of synthetic woods on the market, which is actually made from a wood composite. As a basic material, maple is commonly used, which is blended and combined with high-density polyethylene resins. The result is spectacular: an aesthetic and durable solution, with high resistance to stains, burns, mold, loss of color and chipping, so you will save worries and jobs.Outdoor Decks For Your Terrace And Pool

The maintenance of synthetic pallets is very simple, as they do not require sealing, pickling or semi-annual application of protective oil. This type of high resistance parquets is ideal to install outdoors, as they withstand all kinds of inclement; Are made in shades that mimic those of tropical hardwoods, although obviously, the result is not identical.

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