Photography trends for this year

When it comes to wedding photography, you are capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

This is why one report in the Huffington Post places photography and videography as the number one thing that shouldn’t be skimped on when it comes to managing your wedding budget.

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After all, these are the photos that you will show your grandchildren, so they need to be beautiful and timeless. This means hiring a photographer who is able to find the right balance by using contemporary photography techniques without making your photos look dated in years to come. Here are just a few emerging trends for the end of 2019 wedding photography.

Overhead views

Modern photography and videography make use of current technologies. Drones in particular are being sourced to capture shots from above and offer a unique perspective. They are particularly useful for capturing group shots or panoramic views of the venue.

Mini Movie

Mini movies seem to be a favourite for people to put on a DVD which some photographers will offer.  You can have your main memories on here like kissing the bride, exchanging the rings, signing the registry book and leaving from the church to get to your venue on your Dorset Coach Hire transportation that you sourced from links like
Film photography

In an age of pixelated digital images that are uploaded to computers and edited in order to make sure every single detail is crisp and unfalteringly clear, you might be surprised to learn that many couples are opting for slightly old-fashioned negative film. The images captured on an analog camera and developed in a dark room might seem less crisp, but couples favour their softer, more flattering colours and details over the unforgiving sharpness of digital images.

Editorial shots

In tabloid publications, photographers pay close attention to creating clean images by using flattering light, deliberate placement and generally setting up shots to look staged and professional.

Smoke bombs

Coloured smoke bombs are a trend similar to sparklers. They give a unique effect with very little effort and are lots of fun to capture and star in!

Less filters

In the Instagram age we live in, filtering our photos is part of daily life. Some couples are looking to take a step away from that with less editing and more natural shots. One filter that is here to stay, however, is black and white. With vintage and retro-themed weddings on the rise, this throwback photography trend shows no sign of getting old.

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