Pretty Ballerinas Spring-Summer Proposals

Pretty Ballerinas Spring-Summer Proposals

The comfort and elegance in the footwear can be achieved with a Maneuvers that today go beyond the world of bullfighting to be used by illustrious people and very special ceremonies.

The signature Pretty Ballerinas launches its new spring – summer collection 2012 for all those who wish to go to work, go shopping or attend special events with a comfortable and exquisitely designed shoes . In the following lines, fashionable things will echo some of the best kept secrets Mascaro , responsible for this new collection of flat shoes.

Pretty Ballerinas Spring-Summer Proposals
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Today, the Mascaro Company has more than 250 employees and 47 own stores worldwide through its three major firms such as Pretty Ballerinas and Jaime and Ursula Mascaro , through which makes available to its customers best in footwear .

Each of your articles is enveloped by a magical and very special aura that will make you feel the star of the moment and whose manometers surprised all who are around you.

On this occasion, Pretty Ballerinas presents a new range of flat shoes in which the cheerful and bright colors blend with the originality and and delicacy own brand and printed with care in each detail of your articles. Its collection spring summer 2012 is formed by the following types:

1) Colorful rainbow

Many of their Maneuvers for the new season are characterized by the predominance of a sea of different colors in which the brightness and more vivid and striking colors become the main protagonists.

Pretty Ballerinas Spring-Summer Proposals
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The latter is the case of manoletinas Hanna Puzzle in which a color coat with orange, yellow and turquoise acts as a backdrop of delicate Maneuvers topped with a soft and delicate tie orange in the toe, which prints A greater fineness and exquisiteness to the footwear in question.

For its part, the model Rosario Blue Bubbles are characterized by a sheath of marine turquoise and blue tones over white background, devoid of any ornament or tie at the tip of the man, giving him more air sober , but without losing the Joy derived from their colors.

2) Handles to the point

A good example of this new section constitutes the Rita Black and White Spot model , in which the Maneuvers is enveloped by a whitish layer on which are arranged diverse black spots which stars on the sky. Once again, the characteristic tie in the tip of the handcrafted again is the icing on the cake more outstanding of this type of footwear.

Also stands on the other hand, the model Hannah Leopard pony provided by a wrap leopard and crowned by a thick, flashy fuchsia tie ends to be the main focus of this work of art.

3) For Special Cceremonies

We also find, among the wide variety of flat shoes Pretty Ballerinas , those that can fit in especially memorable moments for you and your loved ones, such as a wedding or communion .

In these models, as can be seen, the purity of white envelops the manoletina framed by delicate gray lines and finished in a tie of the same color that harmonizes with the set of said shoe. With this shoe, there will be no princess of any story that can surpass you in beauty.

With the model Lindsay Blue and Pink , on the other hand, you’ll feel like Cinderella the day he empress his first and magical dance with her prince before clockwise Marcuse the arrival of midnight. The blue is the color that this Maneuvers also terminated by a blue ribbon on a pinkish background is framed.

Pretty Ballerinas Spring-Summer Proposals
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4) Original Models

These items are characterized by this fresh and innovative that the mark printed on every little detail to make some of its Maneuvers the most striking showcase. For example, we can highlight the model Buttons Rosario , where the Maneuvers is literally invaded by an avalanche of buttons in many different colors, yes, all Belonging to live and cheerful colors.

Also it highlights the Hannah model Swarovski bathed in delicate crystal details of the Swarovski brand, which run through the wrapper manoletina.

Similarly, the provision of a daisy with whitish petals turning around a golden cocoon, as a decorative element of the tip of a Maneuvers of a pistachio green is representing the model Hannah green .

As original and provocative is also the model Rosario 50 years , in which the number 50 in red is printed on the tip of the Maneuvers .

5) Single Color

Although these models play with one single hue, the truth is that joy, strength and hope that transmit their colors make them become a stylish flat shoes, and have nothing to envy their predecessors.

The green hues phosphorite, yellow or orange become the real protagonists, all of them finished with its classic and charming tie to match the rest of the footwear which refers to chromaticism.

Your dreams can come true with these little gems that offers in its new spring-summer season Pretty Ballerinas, thanks to which can shine wherever he go and so dazzle all those who behold you.

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