Relationship between Purple Drank and hip-hop community

Purple Drank is the combo mix of some daily used household stuff. For example, its key ingredients are cough syrup; one bottle of clear spite soda and few Jolly Rancher sweet candy especially the purple one.  It has another named Sizzurp which basically came from the word syrup. This lucrative drink has some of the very active addictive elements such as codeine and promethazine that directly come from the cough syrup. From the very beginning, its popularity has to touch the sky limits. Every corner of the world, it has built a wonderful reputation among the consumers.

Let’s find out the history of Purple Drank. This drink was first assembled sometimes in the 1960s. DJ Screw was a musician who lived in Houston, Texas. He was the one who tried to do the first experiment of this fun drink and consumed it as recreational liquor. Later the drink became the great source of having some sort of positive inspiration for performing the “chopped & screwed” style hip-hop music. So we can call him as the father of this sizzurp formula. Cough syrup active aspect calls promethazine and codeine directly that made with poppy has some sort of seductive characteristic. Along with them, the brew becomes the best alternate source of seductive liquor.  Right from the beginning, Purple Drank has continuously increased its popularity all over the world. The Texas based hip-hop community was the initial consumers of this sizzurp drink and within a short time, it started to reach to all over the southern states.

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The Hip-hop band “Three 6 Mafia’s” was released a single in June 2000, “Sippin On Some Sizzurp,” has introduced the term “purple stuff” to the nationwide followers. At present thousands of musician out there who love consuming this glamorous drink. Who doesn’t know the Justin Bieber story; he is kind of a brand ambassador of Purple Drank for the teenagers to create a positive appeal in them. As he often explores himself as one of the big fans of sizzurp, his fan followers don’t think twice to get into this amazing taste of sizzurp. You can say he loves this drink so much.  A lot of celebrities are coming forward and willing to express their feeling about this gorgeous drink of heaven. So it’s your turn to explore something new……..

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