Shopping Route: Dress For A Wedding

Shopping Route Dress For A Wedding

I’ve been trying to write this post for two days … I write, delete, write, delete, there’s no way!!! And the best thing to start from the beginning … The story begins almost a year ago in the USA , Dominique and Elha together for what I thought was going to be an afternoon of shopping more  and absorbed in the conversation …

Shopping Route Dress For A Wedding-Dominique: “let’s see a church …” (Pause that I remember eternal …) , I’m getting married” (Tears, hugs, smiles, disconnected sentences full of emotion …)

Dominique gets married!!! I will never forget that afternoon, because although the first time I saw them together I knew that they were going to be forever, the news caught me so surprised that could not make me any more illusion!

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And today’s adventure begins in the same place where my story begins .On Lagasca Street, exactly in Amaya Arzuaga ! And it is that there can be no wedding without a bride and also no guests … So Dominique, Vero, a friend, and Elha start the route to find the ideal dress for your best friend’s wedding …

  1. First stop, Amaya Arzuaga (C / Lagasca 50). Dominique had already glanced at them and was delighted with the designs. Multitude of fabrics and colors. Very original cuts and surprising colors to not go unnoticed. The price is between 400 and 600 euros. The seams: the cut of most dresses is similar, repeats the same model in several colors and repeats formulas of success of other seasons like that of the feathers in the bass.
  2. bdba (C / Claudio Coello 50). Another must stop! The truth is that there was enough variety. The designs have nothing to do with those of Amaya Arzuaga, they are like more party and less wedding. Much flyer, much brilli-brilli and almost all long. Not suitable for those who measure sixty and few meters!!! The hits: the most special dresses are around 500 euros!
  3. After a brief stop at Elyo Benhayer and Charo López, we enter Etxart & Panno (C / Ayala 17). The truth is that we did not see anything that fit us but on the web I have logged a few dresses that are not bad at all!Shopping Route Dress For A Wedding

They have collections divided by colors, so that will make your search easier if you already have the light color. The blue of frills is beautiful and the white with blue flowers too!

  1. Hoss-Intropia (C / Serrano 16). They usually have very original designs and although in the store we did not see much on the web they have cool things. I love the first dress; I think that putting on a different belt can give a much more festive touch. And the room I love, cut Greek, woven with movement and an elegant color. Perfect for an afternoon wedding!Shopping Route Dress For A Wedding
  2. We also stopped in Pedro del Hierro but the colors were very little spring and the truth is that between fatigue and hunger we did not put much interest in our foray into the store. The one that we would have loved to visit was Carolina Herrera but as the budget did not allow it we decided not to enter, better safe than living obsessed with a dress that, for now , I cannot pay! The gauze seems to me one of the most successful fabrics to attend a wedding that feeling of movement, of vaporosity … The green is very sweet and the combination of pink and red from the sixth seems ideal! Anyway, this collection is from Carolina Herrera New York, so in Spain I think we cannot buy it .


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