Short Or Long?

Short Or Long?

Of course, I had to start the week talking about Monaco’s wedding and I could talk about many things, like how bland the wedding seemed to me, how little love was in the air … but I’m going to leave it and I’m going to focus on the three youth of the link.

Carlota Casiraghi was spectacular both in the afternoon ceremony with a pink dress Chanel suit with boat neckline and buttoned body, the headdress with black hairnet and the under gathered gave the finishing touch to the look.

In the evening for the gala dinner Carlota again chose Chanel in a strapless dress, and a spectacular layer that complemented with long earrings. Which one did you like the shortest or the longest?

Short Or Long?Tatiana Santodomingo surprised me a lot, but for bad, I have always liked her personal and risky style, but at the wedding of Alberto and Charlene made a bad choice from my point of view. The short dress bougainvillea color was normal and would not have been bad at all if I had not combined with that hat that did not favor anything, besides the sandals of python for my taste, are already old fashioned, do not you think?

Short Or Long?Even the gala dinner was changed and she chose a long dress with nude colored bows with which she was more faovrecida, and I have to say that curly hair and red lips favor her a lot.

Short Or Long?Beatriz Borromeo is always a little apart from the commented stylings of Carlota and Tatiana, but I have to say that her style is personal and that not even risking is always correct and elegant. The lace dress chosen for the religious ceremony was very close, with the headdress in celeste, the only thing that would have taken away from the look are the stockings of grid.

Short Or Long?In the evening the bride of Pierre Casiraghi chose a dress in dark silver girt and with sleeve to the elbow precious!Who do you like most of the three? Do you prefer long or short dresses? And the weddings day or night?

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