Short-Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Short Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses? The short-sleeved wedding dresses have me obsessed. We are very lucky, we have not yet married, to live in a time when there are millions of signatures and different designers of wedding dresses, of all prices and possible styles; today all you imagine in your head is possible.

Short Sleeved Wedding DressesWe are also lucky to live in a time when the fever of the bridal dresses of honor, and of mermaid cut, is not that they do not take, for tastes the colors, but there are many more shapes and ideas perfect for the big day. To me today, I am obsessed with short-sleeved wedding dresses; they seem feminine, romantic and even with a ‘naive’ touch that amuses me.

Short Sleeved Wedding DressesToday I bring you some dresses that I found on Pinterest that I find precious to copy, one of the firms that opts for short-sleeved dresses with vintage and romantic airs in the French Laure de Sagazan of which we have already spoken on occasion .

If you opt for a short-sleeved wedding dress I will tell you that one of the trends that are most seen in wedding blogs and bridal trends are usually lace sleeves, a bit bluff, no sticking and tight to the shoulders , although some are also decorated with beads, but very discreet nothing of ornate jewels.

Do you like wedding dresses with this type of sleeve?

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