SOS How Do I Combine My Wedding Gown?

SOS How Do I Combine My Wedding Gown

This week we want to help one of our readers with their stylistic doubts for their wedding look. It is an evening wedding and to attend you have bought the guest dress in sea water with rhinestones that you can see in the first photo I think the neckline ideal! The dress in question is long and it is clear that you want to use accessories in metallic tones , but your question is whether to use them in gold or silver What do you like more?

SOS How Do I Combine My Wedding GownTo me, in general, I like a lot as it is with the 2 but in this case and taking into account the color of the rhinestones I have opted for the silver It is the perfect blend!

SOS How Do I Combine My Wedding GownTurquoise Wedding Dress

In the first place and as we do not know if it will need something to cover ourselves we have chosen this torero of Mango in crude color. As this guest dress has Halter neckline we have passed the necklace and we have chosen small earrings with sparkles of Parfois. The rings are also from Parfois, I found them so monkeys that I did not know which to decide: one with a big stone in one tone like the one in the dress, although clearer and the other a set of 3 finite rings. What would you wear? And finally a silver bracelet of Mango to complete the look of guest.

SOS How Do I Combine My Wedding GownSilver-Look-Wedding Accessories

To decide for the clutch and the shoes we have had it more complicated so here you have our 2 options finalists in which the handbags are of Parfois and the sandals or the shoes in gray or silver tones are of Zara. I think I would stick with option 1 and you?

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