Stomach protectors to prevent the effects of alcohol

Stomach protectors to prevent the effects of alcohol

Sometimes, at parties and celebrations, we commit excesses that we later regret. That is why you need to know how to prevent the most harmful effects of alcohol and the dreaded hangover. Today we want to inform you about the drink, the protectors of the stomach and health. 

Stomach protectors to prevent the effects of alcoholOur first advice is to drink in moderation, only you yourself know your own limit, even if that is not enough. Avoid unhealthy habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol is toxic with negative health effects. 80% of the alcohol we ingest is metabolized in the liver and the rest is eliminated by respiratory, urine and sweat. The devices and organs that suffer the most from excessive consumption of alcohol are:

  • Digestive system: One way to mitigate the effects of alcohol is to ingest it with food. Our advice is not to drink on an empty stomach and to consume solid foods frequently.
  • The liver:  It is the organ in charge of eliminating the toxic substances that arrive at our body, including the alcohol. It should be noted that men tolerate alcohol better than women because of their larger size. In addition, if we consume more alcohol than our liver can metabolize, we are promoting the state of intoxication and facilitating hangover symptoms in our body.

Hangover Prevention: Stomach Protectors

The drugs with stomach protective properties are known and used by many people to exert their protective effect on the digestive system, avoiding the consequences of alcohol, such as nausea, heartburn, upset, etc. There are several medicines used as stomach protectors: omeprazole, Alka-seltzer, and max are some of them.Stomach protectors to prevent the effects of alcohol

These are medicines that many people usually use on a regular basis to prevent the harmful effects of alcoholic beverages, but it really is not the most advisable. These are very different drugs from one another, which in some cases, like omeprazole, require a medical prescription. Its adverse effects can range from slight discomfort and headache to dizziness, hallucinations and (yes, no joke) breast augmentation in males.

  • Omeprazole: It is a drug that reduces the amount of acid in the stomach, so it is used for the prevention and treatment of stomach ulcer and reflux. One of its rarest adverse effects is the increase of breasts in males.
  • Alka-seltzer: It contains what may be the most widespread home remedy against stomach acidity: sodium bicarbonate.
  • Alex: It is an antacid suitable for the treatment of gastritis, ulcer and hiatal hernia. It can cause diarrhea.

we recommend a rational use of medications, including stomach protectors. The use of drugs should always be subject to medical prescription and in cases where it is really necessary. Feeling awful stomachache. Frustrated young woman holding hands on stomach and keeping eyes closed while lying in bed

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The opinion of our experts in general medicine and nutrition is that you drink in moderation (the less the better). Excessive and prolonged consumption will have negative effects on your body, both short and long term. As for the chemical remedies to avoid its effects, especially the morning after drinking alcohol, it is best not to abuse them. We recommend drinking lots of water and taking light foods easily digestible, as the antidote to hangovers, especially fruits, because of their high content of water and vitamins. Stomach protectors to prevent the effects of alcohol

For a healthy life, our main warning is to drink in moderation. Consume alcohol responsibly.

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