Subaru WRX STI Rally Test Edition: The Racing Car With Street Costume

Subaru WRX STI Rally Test Edition The Racing Car With Street Costume b

This week we have a very special guest, a unique model in the market because their competition has literally been removed by their creators, we refer to the Subaru WRX STI .

Subaru WRX STI Rally Test Edition The Racing Car With Street Costume
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With this model we end with the sporty range of Japanese brand that started with the test Subaru BRZ and continue with the Subaru Forester XT .

Although it was the presentation of a model and just have a few hours in the car, this time the brand has worked for us to test the model thoroughly in all fields, including a circuit with a piece of land and a stretch Rally in which we had the chance to drive the Subaru WRX STI safely and with coplilotaje of Dani Cué , copilot Rally champion of Spain.

Subaru WRX STI Rally Test Edition The Racing Car With Street Costume
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42 years of evolution in the drive system and refinement of its legendary four – cylinder engine are accumulated heritage with which counted the racing department Subaru Tecnica International (STI) for the development of the fourth generation of this icon.


As a good icon, the WRX STI is not a model need to change their appearance too much , in fact, many design elements generation after generation are shaped in order to maintain maximum visual integrity of the model.

Outside lines go hand technical philosophy under the hood of this beast Japanese. A somewhat aggressive but refined style makes the car does not go unnoticed but not uncomfortable.

STI Blue

On the front we stumbled upon the hexagonal grille with glossy black grille, the brand logo on a top center position and the STI name in the lower right.

On both sides of the grid we are narrow and elongated headlights that incorporate LED technology for low beam and position . The beam has halogen light.

Subaru WRX STI Rally Test Edition The Racing Car With Street Costume b
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The sharp bumper has a lower horizontal inlet air pile the plate holder. At the lower ends we encounter in contrasting color zones that integrate intermittent, round fog lamps and a small additional air inlets.

LED light Subaru WRX STI

Front lines flow into the rest of the vehicle through the domed aluminum hood with air inlet feature intercooler. In this generation, this entry is wider cooling and low aspect which increases airflow and improve visibility.

Seen in profile, the WRX STI has a design in which the protruding wheel arches, visually settling the model on the ground. Bulging wheel arches are filled in this model with a beautiful dark rims STI ( “Dark Gunmetal” ) mounting standard tires Dunlop Sport Maxx RT in size 245/40 R 18 (front wheels locked type Brembo brakes with brake calipers 4 – piston ventilated discs 326 mm while the rear wheels locked type Brembo brakes with brake calipers dual piston ventilated discs and 316 mm) . I must confess that I, the tire performance was outstanding, but the rally champion Spain stayed said something fair and if it says an expert in this field, a server does not remove his hand.

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The front wheel arches has an air outlet makes it to flow from inside the step out, thereby relieving the inner turbulence and creating a perfect start generating a flow of cooling in vain. In the front flap, the model mounts an identification plate with the acronym STI .


The back is what radicalized and striking design model. The vehicle has a rear lights that feature LED technology for the lights and brake . The flashy sports spoiler is one of the identifying features of the WRX STI and has been in every one of the generations throughout its history, and in this generation, could not miss ( the new wing is lighter 300g and 8 mm higher, something that improves visibility ).

The gate mounted in a central position the plate holder also only the reversing camera standard on the model. At the bottom of the gate we meet again with the acronym STI WRX accompanied.

The rear bumper integrates a striking diffuser at the ends of two powerful dual exhaust outlets appear.

Seen from above, the model has the shark fin-shaped roof mounted on aluminum.

The dimensions of the Subaru WRX STI are: 4,595 mm long, 1,795 mm wide, 1,475 mm high and 2,650 mm wheelbase.

Our test unit came finished in color WR Blue Pearl and as you can not put as binding color (unfortunately), the brand also offers the WRX STI in the following colors: Crystal White Pearl, Galaxy Blue Silica; Red Lightning; Sliver Metallic Ice; Dark Gray Metallic and Crystal Black Silica.

Interior design

Subaru WRX STI Rally Test Edition The Racing Car With Street Costume
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Inside we find space for all occupants and a new dashboard design, following the current line of interior design that the brand has resulted in models like the XV and Forester .

In developing the interior, the brand wanted to create a space at the height of the services offered by the model and according to its exterior aesthetics.

Despite being a distinctly sporty interior , Subaru has not eschewed the quality of materials, comfort and acoustics. (The sound is really attractive model but does not produce a decrease in passenger comfort)

The access model is comfortable , something we should blame the opening angle of the doors (both front and rear).

Interior 2014 Subaru WRX STI

Once in the driver ‘s seat we find an interior “Made in Subaru”. What does this mean ?, easy, quilts and hard plastics that give a sense of durability.

Subaru WRX STI Rally Test Edition The Racing Car With Street Costume
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In our test unit we had a comfortable sports seats type bucket heated and combine alcántara in its central part with two – tone black leather with red on its side supports. These seats offer a large holding capacity and multiple adjustment options. The headrests of this new version are adjustable in height and angle and engraved with the logo “STI” on the front. Visit to know more reviews on various topic.

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