TEL Specific Language Disorder

TEL Specific Language Disorder

What is TEL?

It stands for specific language impairment, it is a disorder that affects the expression and / or understanding language. The lives of people with TEL is much more complicated than we think. Although they speak and “understand” not do with the fluidity and intention that any person acquires naturally.

TEL Specific Language Disorder
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The TEL is a developmental disorder that accompanies the person while this is changing. At an early age but share symptoms with autism are different affectations.

Imagine for a moment that lead you to China and of course do not know Chinese. How would you do so that you understand? What would spend wrong? And the Chinese do not understand, I’m starting to get angry.
They are foreigners in their own native language, the language for them is like a puzzle.

For children with TEL learn to speak is a great effort. Children with SLI have to learn all though we believe that words assumes you learn naturally.

TEL Specific Language Disorder
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If the language comprehension have affected often have behavior problems.

” If I want to play well and I’m not understanding what children say about the rules of the game, or what the teacher is telling me, he is more likely to lift my chair, have tantrums or challenging behaviors”

When they are older they tend to understand what is said to them, provided that they are not complicated much the message. That is, they can understand that:

‘Red Riding Hood is walking through the forest and finds a wolf’ ,

But they are lost in a message like:

‘Red Riding Hood, which was called because wearing a red cap that sewed her grandmother, is a sunny spring morning, bouncing between the huge trees of a lush forest, when suddenly a most ferocious wolf teeth sharp and full appears of hair……’.

They usually have a lot communicative, gestural intention. His big break in language usually appears when learning to read.

You could say, learning to read, rather than talk. And thanks to this visual support, they can begin memorizing language. His auditory memory is very low.

TEL Specific Language Disorder
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Guide families with children with TEL

How it affects daily life?

Daily life is complicated, it is difficult to explain that if no brain involvement the child or the child does not speak well or not well understood what he said, are rare Cole and even take an interest in relating to others, the relationship without language is quite complicated. But with close collaboration between parents and teachers their achievements are very rewarding for everyone.

A marathon in which we make a daily career obstacles.

A race in which many people encouraged us and that allows us to overcome obstacles because otherwise, without the support of family, friends and ATELMA would be impossible.

TEL Specific Language Disorder
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We ran this way several years since you realize that your son / daughter something happens.

The first stage of the race was all uphill: visits to the pediatrician, specialist visits, medical and psychological assessments, and, at the end of the first stage diagnosis. It is very hard but you know it is the first stage and you have to make to move to the next.

After the race becomes more bearable because you know through ATELMA others like you, you already have a diagnosis and speech therapists and therapists give you guidelines to follow.

It’s a race grueling necessary but also enriching.

Stressful because you have to do something every day: go to a speech therapist, therapy, meetings with tutors and support teachers.

Necessary because there are small obstacles every day: sometimes do not understand what your child wants to tell you, other times he does not understand you. But you must keep looking for ways to understand each other , sharpening the wits.

Rewarding because you learn of all the people who help you and, above all, learn from your son, protagonist of this race.
He is the most tries but does not boast about it and complains little, every day progresses it or not and sometimes you seem surprised by a sprint and leaving you behind.

TEL Specific Language Disorder
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Mother of child with TEL (11 years) “There are many times that we can not understand him. Know what you mean, and mean, but you can not do, it does not work out, and you can not understand. Fortunately, no runs continuously but almost every day, we have some of these situations. “

Try to understand, listen, look at it (because sometimes it relies on gestures) requires much, much, much time and patience.

At home, although we are aware that this is so, there are times when we finished nerves.

For example, I’m making dinner, and I have to stop, or tell him to wait, to tell me that:

“Is concerned with the wart on his finger, because it will spread throughout the body, and what if you find warts on the nose, ear, eye, because if it burns, it hurts, and that you do not put anesthesia, and better amputate finger, bla bla bla bla “….

This well told, maybe give laughter, but it really was not funny, because he does not remember the word wart, because he did not get the word spread, to explain anesthesia …. bufff … and amputated finger …. to die … !!!!

If every time will tell us something (presumably complicated), we have to ask to wait to have a space dedicated to him, I guess it will not be good for their development.

When any of us has something to say, an idea, a thought, an idea, proposal, etc., etc., … come on , we drop it at the time, everyone understands us, and you could even discuss the subject without no problem, fluently. TEL our children this is not always possible because: NEED TIME, be heard and understood, and even with all this, not always be understood .

TEL is invisible to others and disorder often feel so misunderstood that can mermarte psychologically.

When families explained that is the TEL, they are surprised at what’s really behind it is a learning process and a constant struggle, not only for those who suffer but also for those who are at your side. It is to have infinite patience to continue giving all the support it deserves.

Families think “that such a day will go in school, whether to play alone.” “If he be angry because it could not understand something or if not able to explain something I want to say.”
If school are giving support you need, if their teachers are aware of how to work with it and if they make participants the companions of problem that your child not discriminate against him and put aside.

It’s hard when there are many duties and frustrated because he can not do, that take the sheet or notebook and shred because they know you have to do, does not like as it has done, or because they mistake when writing a word and have to be erasing every few minutes.

continually we think if everything you do is enough to prosper and to reach the level that is required. And if in the future can help himself and if you will want much as we do his parents, his brother and his family, is to feel that all that effort, the struggle worthwhile to take a step further, to see his face of satisfaction when you get a goal.

It is learning and admiration to see how much work will and put every day to overcome their difficulties. It is joy when you see everything you’re doing sooner or later will pay off. It is to feel all the love and love that follows makes you forget everything else.

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