Test BMW 435i Cabrio 306 Hp Luxury Line

Test BMW 435i Cabrio 306 Hp Luxury Line: All A Bonbon Not Suitable For All Pockets

In the good weather many users take despite their convertibles. If you are one of those lovers of this type of car that does not have one in the garage but is seriously thinking, maybe you should hurry to take advantage of the summer.

In the last few years the supply of cabrios has been reduced drastically because of the economic recession and although there are some alternatives in the market, the scarce rivalry and variety has caused that the prices of access increase considerably.

If the problem is not the money and you think a product fast, broad enough and able to get a little smile that you propose, the BMW offer can meet your expectations. You can choose between the nice but limited two-seater Z4 Roadster, the greater simplicity of the 2 Series Cabrio with its canvas roof, the elegance of the Series 6 Cabrio or the practicality of the Series 4 thanks to its metallic roof.

There are very few cabriolets with metallic roof that are in the market with four seats. Despite the complexity of the system, having a roof of this type allows you to forget all the negatives of the canvas, offering a true “2 × 1” when enjoying a coupe and a cabrio for the same price.

For a few days I had as a traveling companion a BMW 435i Cabrio , the most efficient and dynamic option of the offer just below the M4 … or well, until recently it was given that in May the 440i Cabrio will arrive to the dealers.

Test BMW 435i Cabrio 306 Hp Luxury Line: All A Bonbon Not Suitable For All PocketsDesign / Aesthetic

The main claim of every convertible is its design. The BMW 4 Series can boast a successful presentation that combines elegance and sportsmanship equally, although for this you should always pull optional elements. As a series you have to recognize that they are a bit bland but who thinks of spending more than 45,000 dollars should not skimp on small details.

Whether with the roof set or enjoying without it, the truth is that the unit tested with the line Luxury Line finish has caused the admiration of many drivers and pedestrians. The chrome elements, the specific alloy wheels or the beautiful blue color have managed to capture the attention of the rest, especially on the Costa del Sol.

The similarity between the 4 Series Coupé and Cabrio is more than evident to the point that many inquisitive people find it difficult to differentiate them. The easiest thing to recognize is to follow the chrome line and the A-pillar, with the characteristic “cut” that is visible in the lighter colors (it is true that black is more complicated). Those who know the car well should not try too hard because the forms of the rear windows are different.

At BMW they offer the 4 Series Convertible with several lines of finish that boast of clearly differentiated approaches. On one side are the M-Sport for those who seek maximum sportsmanship ; on the other the Sport that plays the dynamic role without excesses; those who want elegance can opt for Luxury , sporting chrome and a much more bourgeois presentation.

Test BMW 435i Cabrio 306 Hp Luxury Line: All A Bonbon Not Suitable For All PocketsInside

It is noteworthy that the quality of performance of any Series 4 is identical . So the plastics used and the adjustments are at an excellent level. Another thing is to opt for the treatment of BMW Individual , increasing more if it fits the impression of “sting.” You can taste more or less the chosen upholstery but with the integral leather few can criticize the interior.

Knowing that the 435i Cabrio tested has gone through the department of BMW Individual you will imagine that the price is quite high … and it really is. Whether or not they are asking is an issue that should be answered only by those who can afford it or have seriously considered acquiring one.

The distribution of all the controls, like a good BMW, is almost perfect and everything is very close at hand. The control of air conditioning is very simple, the management of the audio system through the iDrive control is also intuitive and the color display in central position is very visible

Anyway do not think everything is fantastic. Once again the instrumentation is not as easy in reading as in other vehicles, leaving some of the information displayed on the “extended” LCD screen covered by the steering wheel . To be able to leave that area in sight requires leaving the steering wheel very low, forcing the driving posture.

More useful and practical is the Head up Display system that projects the most important information on the windshield. Unless you wear polarized glasses you can see it without problems and prevents you have to withdraw your view of the road. Yes, its price is quite high.

In the passenger compartment there are several spaces distributed to leave objects. The door pockets are wide enough while the main glove compartment has a very reasonable volume. To the two practical front cans, two more must be added in the rear seats.

Test BMW 435i Cabrio 306 Hp Luxury Line: All A Bonbon Not Suitable For All PocketsEquipment / Price

The standard equipment included in the 435i Cabrio cannot be described as excessive. Without cost they carry the bi-xenon optics, 17-inch alloy wheels, trip computer, four power windows, fog lights, 6.5-inch screen sound system, bluetooth, USB port, rain sensor, electric front seats, automatic lighting of lights, thermal mirrors, automatic air conditioning of two zones, multiple airbags, controls of traction and stability, etc.

As you can see the endowment is not bad but considering its base price over 60,000 $ does not intimidate anyone. If you want it as the tested unit you will have to add the leather upholstery, thermal seats, 8.8-inch screen navigator, internet access, smart LED headlights, Smart Beam, adaptive cruise control, photosensitive rear view mirrors, Luxury exterior line, front and rear parking sensors … Ultimately a lot of extras that raise the price above $80,000.

While it is a lot of money, do not believe that the few existing alternatives are more economical. A Mercedes E Class Cabrio is no longer offered with a block in gasoline of similar power but starts in its version E350d in the 65,400 € while the Audi S5 Cabrio with 333 CV is priced at 77,477 $. So it is a niche market that forces you to spend a good sum.

Test BMW 435i Cabrio 306 Hp Luxury Line: All A Bonbon Not Suitable For All PocketsHabitability And Booth

The 4 Series Cabrio is a car in which four adults can travel with relative comfort. In the front seats the comfort is very high and similar to the cope, with more than enough centimeters in all directions. The comfortable seats with multiple settings and the right position at the wheel make things much easier.

In the rear seats only two people can travel. The access is made more or less comfortable although the electrical system that is responsible for moving the front seats is a bit slow. Once seated, the free distance to the ceiling has seemed correct and people with a height of up to 1.80 meters will not touch the head. Of course, the backrest is in a somewhat more upright position than normal and there are no controls to control the windows, a defect that you will not find in the Mercedes E-Class Cabrio.

The trunk capacity is variable depending on whether or not the roof is placed. With it stored in the trunk the volume starts in the 220 liters which also have a specific limited receptacle. Yes I find it interesting that in this position the system has an option to raise the folded roof assembly and give better access.

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