The 11 Rarest Buildings in the World

House Piano

Fortunately, we live on a planet full of wonders. Some are the work of Mother Nature herself, others, however, have left the fertile imagination of the human being. And then we find a bizarre and curious category that draws attention because of its particular strangeness. In the latter, we encompass the 11 rarest buildings in the world. Join us for this unique journey.

Literary parking

1. Literary parking

Although the United States is not differentiated by the number of readers in its southern states, it cannot be said that they do not try. In Kansas City, they created a peculiar literary parking Public Library, whose facade looks like a large book case. Maybe people will not open one, but at least they come close to browsing.

The Dancing House2. 2.The Dancing House

In the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague lies one of the world’s rarest buildings. It is known internationally as the Dancing House and is designed by architect’s government cabinet Milunic and Frank Gehry. Certainly, a unique structure that looks set to fall at any time and has become a major tourist attraction of the European city.

Capital Gate

3. Capital Gate

We now travel to the United Arab Emirates in our quest for the world’s rarest buildings to observe Capital Gate. It is the highest tower tilt has built man, with 18 degrees, far exceeding classics like the Tower of Pisa. As it could not be otherwise, it is located in the lavish and unique city of Abu Dhabi, place of authentic worship of ostentation.

House Attack

4. House Attack

Can you imagine a house attacking you and throwing yourself at you? Well, that happens in the art museum of the Austrian capital, Vienna. One of the buildings rare in the world, as you would imagine, hosts modern and contemporary works inside, but the biggest complaint is the home that seems to have hit the roof of the building.

Crooked House

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5. Crooked House

We now travel to the UK to see another of the world’s rarest buildings. In this case, there is not a perverse architect mind behind the work. However, being a region dedicated to mining, the constant movements of land have caused this bar, called Crooked House, has a peculiarly inclined structure.

Twisted House

6. Twisted House

We left then to Poland to glimpse another House cheer or stooping among our list of the most unusual buildings in the world. In this case, yes were Szotynski Zaleski and architects who perpetrated this work based on comics Szancer and Dahlberg.

House Piano

7. House Piano

How can you make a place that makes it clear to the visitor that in their halls and halls the music will be the protagonist? Very easy, you make a Piano House and put a giant glass violin as input. And this you can find in China as one of the rarest buildings in the world.

Spiral forest

8. Spiral forest

We continue with this peculiar list of the rarest in the world with spiral Forest, located in buildings Germany. In this case, the architect Hundert Wasser wanted to show the layers of the earth’s crust each giving a different floor of the residential Color. As a colophon, filled the roof of flowers and maples to give a very natural touch. The result? A strange place to live, no doubt.

Turning Torso

9. Turning Torso

 Being able to get a building giant and twist as if what you had in hand out a towel or a wet rag? Well, this occurred to the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who, neither short nor lazy, shaped it in the spectacular Turning Torso of Sweden, achieving an incredible turn of up to 90 degrees.

Home Basket

10. Home Basket

If you have a wood basket manufacturing company, what building would you create to attract the attention of the general public? For in the Longaberger Basket Company must have thought that a giant basket does not leave anyone indifferent and, of course, I must say that they succeeded.

Ryugyong Hotel

11. Ryugyong Hotel

North Korea is famous in the world for its hard and surrealist dictatorial regime. However, it is noteworthy that in a country where everything and everyone looks the same excel Ryugyong Hotel, an unfinished work that could well be a Christmas tree design. We end our trip through the world’s rarest buildings with this peculiar structure in one of the most waterproof and unique places on the planet.

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