The 6 Best Carnivals In France

Carnival of Guadalupe

Carnivals are a very popular party in the world. Although the most famous are those of Brazil, in the old world are also celebrated carnivals. A few days where the party, the music, the colors and the joy í to take over the streets and all those present.

The carnivals of France are celebrated throughout the country, even in some places have become a very important festival worthy of being mentioned and recommended. We are going to show you the 6 best carnivals in France.

The Carnival of NiceCarnivals in France

1. The Carnival of Nice

The first place of the carnivals of France is taken to Nice, is considered one of the largest and most spectacular in the world.

For 15 days the streets of Nice are filled with color and music in the company of giant puppets, amazing costumes, and parades of grandiose carriages and acrobats that will rip you up more than an exclamation.

If you decide to visit Nice in carnivals, prepare a very striking costume and fill yourself with energy to live a party for a few days.

The Carnival of Limoux2. The Carnival of Limoux

Of the carnivals of France, the Limoux is famous for being the longest in the world, is celebrated from January 11 to March 22, every Saturday and Sunday.

Highlights e n Tuesday Great, the big celebration is in the Place de la Republic de Limoux , where the m traditional music and bands carnival make the celebration a dance , which traditionally passed from father to son for 400 years .

The masked bands join visitors and musicians and offer impromptu acts that entertain everyone, where the most popular characters are Perrot, “goudil” and “domino”.

The Dunkirk Carnival3.  The Dunkirk Carnival

Of the carnivals of France, Du Nkerke is one of the most famous and animated. The carnival is celebrated for six weeks, after the first three weeks the “Trois Joyeuses” are celebrated, four consecutive days of celebration.

His traditions include songs by sailors and musicians dressed in yellow raincoats like those of cod fishermen. Formerly this was the last party that the fishermen lived before going to sea.

In addition to a pair of giants called “reuse”, and on the streets can see typical characters of this carnival as ” intriguers” and “fuglemen”, which are mixed among visitors to scare them with his fishing rod, from which hangs A piece of smoked fish or cheese. Carrying colorful umbrellas is another of the traditions.

The Carnival of Paris4. The Carnival of Paris

The Carnival of Paris is a popular festival held every year, two days before the Carnival Tuesday , where good humor and fun reign among all visitors.

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The carnival masquerades n to accompany the Promenade du Boeuf Gras, behind the pets Pat the Clown and Pimpernels cow, who paraded along cozy floats, giant puppets, bands and batucadas through the streets and squares of the capital.

Carnival of Annecy5. Carnival of Annecy

Annecy, also known as the “Venice of the Alps”, has organized for 18 years a Venetian carnival of two and a half days in which countless people, conveniently hidden by masks, sfilan through the streets of the old town.

It is a mystery to know who is behind the masks and the striking costumes that stand out against the gray of the walls of the city. This contrast of colors called  cents photographers who want to capture artistic photos.

 Carnival of Guadalupe6. Carnival of Guadalupe

In the Guadalupe Islands, they look forward to the carnival with a colorful program, full of emotion, rich artistic expressions and lots of partying.

Starting on Sunday after Epiphany, los “carnival” takes the streets enveloping the crowd with dances and dances with their colorful floats and costumes of thousands of colors, rhinestones and sequins.

The musicians improvise in the streets and create a unique atmosphere as a framework for competitions where the best costumes, best groups and, as a strong dish, the choice of the king and the queen of the carnival are chosen.

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The event is in Pointe-à-Pitre and Basse-Terre, where the most important carnival events take place until Ash Wednesday.

If you want to enjoy unparalleled carnivals, in France you will find lots of tradition, parties, music, colorful and unlimited fun.

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