The 6 Smallest And Most Beautiful Countries In Europe


Who says that to be beautiful countries must own a lot of territory? On every continent there are countries so tiny you cannot believe it. But nevertheless they are not so precious and with so much to offer that it astonishes even the most demanding travelers. In this article we take a walk through the 6 smallest and most beautiful countries in Europe. Take a tour of them, you will not regret it.

What are the smallest European countries?

We will do a ranking starting with the smallest and we will increase according to its surface. If you live in a big city, surely your neighborhood is bigger than most of these little ones. But do not be intimidated!

1. Vatican (0,44 km²)

Vatican (0,44 km²)Located in the middle of Italy, the State of the Vatican City, according to its official name, is a sovereign country with less than a thousand inhabitants. It is known as a combination of a city and a nation and is the smallest country in the world. Its language is Latin and 20% of its surface is occupied by the Basilica and Saint Peter’s Square.

It houses the Holy See of the Catholic Church and is the home of the Pope (the highest authority and head of state, although he delegates his functions to a secretary). The historic-artistic architectural set of the Vatican was declared a World Heritage Site. You cannot miss the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums (buy your ticket in advance because the rows are almost as long as the diameter of the country).

2. Monaco (1.95 km²)

 Monaco (1.95 km²)This principality is a sovereign state city and is between France (the Alps) and the Mediterranean Sea. It has 10 neighborhoods and a coastline of 4 kilometers. Until 1860 the official language was Italian, but then it became Monegasque.

It is ruled by the Grimaldi dynasty and the Communal Council. Its most famous places are the casino and the Formula 1 circuit. Having a privileged climate all year round (with a temperature of 18 ° C) is chosen by many celebrities to enjoy the sea.

3. San Marino (61 km²)

San MarinoDespite being one of the smallest countries in Europe is a sovereign state founded in 301, being the oldest constitutional republic on the planet. Located 10 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and with Mount Titano, 739 meters, in its interior is a beautiful site to visit.

It is divided into 9 municipalities (castelli or castles) and among its main attractions are the “three towers of San Marino “:  Guaita, Cesta and Montale, built between the 11th and 14th centuries. Other notable monuments include Piazza della Libertà in the center of town, the town hall, Palazzo dei Capitani, Piazza Garibaldi, the monastery of Santa Clara and the church of San Francisco, from the 14th century.

4. Liechtenstein (62 km²)

LiechtensteinThis principality without exit to the sea and considered tax haven not included in the European Union has a very strong German influence (this language is spoken). The two most important municipalities are Vaduz (its capital) and Schaan, but it has 9 “gemeinden” more.

As for its geography, it is worth noting that Liechtenstein is located in the Rhine valley in the Alps, and borders Switzerland and Austria.

It is visited by lovers of alpine skiing in winter and by those who love the mild climate in summer. The Liechtenstein Museum and Vaduz Castle are the two main attractions.

5. Malta (316 km²)

MaltaThis republic is distributed in several islands, being most important Malta, Comino and Gozo. It is located to the south of Sicily and to the east of Tunisia, in the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys an exceptional climate. It is a tourist destination par excellence for Italians and Europeans who want a pure beach holiday.

In Malta there are establishments for young people where they can learn English or train as professional footballers. Although very small the density of inhabitants is quite high: 1400 people per km²! The capital is Valletta, but the most populated city is Birkirkara.

6. Andorra (468 km²)

AndorraThe principality limits with Spain and France and calls attention for its towns (parishes) formed by a single street. It is full of shops and hotels as well as Gothic and Romanesque monuments.

The last of our list of small countries offers one of the largest spas in the continent, whose sulfur waters from the springs of the Pyrenees are very beneficial to health. Its capital is Andorra la Vella and the official language is Catalan.

As you can see, the size of a destination is not important when it comes to having fun!

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