The 7 Most Beautiful Places In Galicia

Monte Santa Tecla, Pontevedra

Get ready for a wonderful trip to one of the most beautiful areas of Spain. Then, we embark on a visit to the 6 most beautiful places in Galicia, one of the most impressive regions of this country.

The Lighthouse of Finisterre, a Coruña1. The Lighthouse of Finisterre, a Coruña

We begin the journey through the most beautiful places in Galicia at the lighthouse Finisterre in A Coruña. A place where the old settlers of the area believed that the world was over, hence its peculiar name.

The lighthouse of Finisterre is considered as a sacred and solemn place, and it is even believed that there is something magical in the place. Such is his legend that the most purist pilgrims end up burning their clothes in this place after having completed the Camino de Santiago.

  The Cíes Islands2. The Cíes Islands

We now go to another paradisiacal environment that is among the most beautiful places in Galicia. In this case, we visit the wonderful Cíes Islands, of enchanting view and magnificent atmosphere.

In the Cíes Islands we find all kinds of fauna and flora colonies, with species like the cormorant or the yellow-legged gull. Thanks to its beautiful landscape, lush forests and spectacular beaches, these islands are included in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, next to the equally beautiful islands of Ous, Cortegada or Sálvora.

 Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña3. Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

Another of the most beautiful places in Galicia is undoubtedly the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the province of A Coruña. It impresses the majesty of the building, with the imposing facade of the Obradoiro, the Botafumeiro or the door of Platerías that already form part of the imaginary and national patrimony.

As many will know, this is the destination of thousands of pilgrims that year after year travel the Way of St. James, emulating the journey that the apostle made centuries ago.

However, it is not necessary to take long walks to enjoy the wonderful building of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. You can go at any time to enjoy one of the most impressive and beautiful buildings in Europe, standing from the distant middle Ages.

Sierra de O Courel, Lugo4. Sierra de O Courel, Lugo

If there is something that draws attention to the most beautiful places in Galicia, it is because of its wild and romantic nature. In this case, we travel to the Sierra de O Courel in Lugo, a corner where you can visit places of leafy vegetation, peaks of more than 1500 meters in height and a unique landscape throughout Spain, contrasted with its majestic valleys and shades of the Trees.

Tower of Hercules in a Coruña5. Tower of Hercules in a Coruña

We return to one of the most important cities of this region of Spain, A Coruña. Among the most beautiful places in Galicia, we can never forget the incredible Tower of Hercules.

It is a magnificent lighthouse that represents the arrival of the great Hercules to the Iberian Peninsula in search of Gerion, tyrannical leader whose power would be dispossessed thanks to the legendary strength of the classic hero.

To commemorate this hard struggle of giants, a lighthouse so wonderful was raised that still today is still an example and pride of the Coruñeses. A Roman building that is still in use, the oldest that remains on the entire planet.

Monte Santa Tecla, Pontevedra6. Monte Santa Tecla, Pontevedra

We leave in search of the most beautiful places of Galicia until Pontevedra to visit the Monte Santa Tecla, of the geography of this spectacular Spanish region. From the top of its more than 300 meters, glimpses of views of the Miño river cannot be seen anywhere in Galicia.

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In addition, there is also the castro of Santa Tecla, ruins that remember how lived in the region thousands of years before the classic civilizations arrived.

The fishing village of Combarro, Pontevedra7. The fishing village of Combarro, Pontevedra

We close our walk through the most beautiful places of Galicia in the small fishing village of Combarro. With a peculiar architecture, it is always included among the most singular localities of Spain, given its characteristic construction, with small granaries or barns elevated on piles, and its picturesque and unique coast.

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